Who in your opinions are deserving of emblems?

Title says all. Here is who I personally think is worthy of emblems if anything taken all the way to +20. 3 stars to 5 stars are what I personally want to talk about just to be clear.

3 stars:

Gato, Gill-Ra, Mnesseus, Melia, Brienne, Belith, Gunnar, Kailani, Bane, Gan Ju, Berden, Valen, Ulmer, Muggy, Bauchan.

4 stars:

Grimm, Tibs, Gormek, Sumitomo, Chao, Li Xiu, Triton, Proteus (x1000), Kiril, G. Jackal, just to name a few.

In the long term and in general, 3* heroes are not worth any emblems because even at +20 they aren’t as powerful as a 4* without any emblems. I forget who said it, but a max+20 3* is about equivalent to a 3/60 4* hero which is pretty bad.

4* heroes are worth leveling but not all of them. It would be a long list for me to compile, but general rule of thumb is if the hero does something that is either really rare or nonexistent on a 5* it’s worth emblems. Examples being Boldtusk (closest 5* analogue I can think of right now is Ares), Wilbur (Aegir is kinda close but nobody does Wilbur’s complete suite), and Proteus (closest analogue is Hel).

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3 star I hate giving them tt, but if so I’d go after Gato, Brienne and Bauchan.

That’s a good list of 4 star options! Of those the only 2 I wouldn’t think of giving them to is Sumitomo and Chao. The others all fill a need you may have.

I’m going to be one of those guys who says Chao should be levelled but only if you don’t have a better and/or more versatile ranger like Tiburtus or Triton. Don’t get me wrong, Chao isn’t amazing but when one considers the pool of classic 4* yellow heroes (which are the most accessible) there isn’t anybody more reliably better for raids. Maybe Li Xiu but her direct damage is just bad. Chao is the “best” offensive hero in a raid stack in that category.

I mean a case can be made for Wu Kong, but he’s inconsistent for raids. :man_shrugging:t2:

Just my :gem::gem:


I do not have any 5* druids maxed yet, so I gave them to Melia. She still fits in my mono yellow titan team (Wu Kong, Gretal +20, Poseiden +12, G. jakal, Melia +20) and gets me massive scores. She gets killed in 2 hits instead of 1 which is nice (that lil minion pops out quite often and saves her booty). I am facing 7-9* titans. She is worthy but I think after 9* she gets 1 shot anyway so I will be removing them soon for a 5* druid.

Embleming 3* is solely to use in 3* raid tournaments. Heck I faced emblemed 2* in that one 2* tourney. Frankly I have better uses for my jealously hoarded emblems.

For me, I have emblemed these 4*: Grimm, Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard, Gormek, Wilbur, Kiril, Sonya, Triton, Caedmon, Colen, Scarlett, Tiburtus.

As they become less relevant I may reset Kiril, Sonya, Scarlett, Tibs. Or I may not.

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I only didn’t list the five stars because I only have two. Leonidas and Kingston. If you guys have some fives that you think would be deserving of emblems, feel free to post them.

Well, I can only emblem the 5* I have maxed, which is eight. So basically all of them :rofl:

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Hansel and Triton are worth the emblems, I’ll take them all the way to 18 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My Grimm is already at 15

The only real answer (IMHO) is - it depends!

Who do you have? Do you want to do well in the 3* and 4* raid tournaments? Who is on your raid and war defense teams?

I prioritize my war defense team. My alliance has one of the top war teams, and is one of just a few that wins at max war penalties. So my Kunchen is at node 10, GraveMaker at 9 and the rest at 7 (what my alliance requests).

Gunnar is worthy, one of my alliance partners took him to 20 and finishes in the top 1% in most 3* tournaments.

Use what you have and will help you achieve your goals.

I feel that if you put emblems on a 4* 3* or basically any star that is not a 5* it is a waste. I’ve noticed several people say "i dont have a (insert class here) so i took my emblems and put them on (insert random hero with that class here) there is no maxed backpack space in this game so what’s the deal with people saying “well i don’t have this but have a lot of emblems so imma use em” just save it till you get the 5*.
People use the emblems for the tournaments but i mean really i see non emblem heros go up against the 20 stack defence and take it down so???
I know for emblems of mine i will use them on
I’d emblem Domitia too but with Ursena she will be taking priority as the purple hero i will level first.
and if i am lucky i will use them on Poseidon when i finally get him but won’t be taking emblems off Kingston since they’d both be fighters.
List of ones i do not have that I would emblem:
Seshat , Kunchen, Frida, Lepus, Kageburado, Gravemaker, Drake Fong, Zimkitha Zeline, Alby. To name a few.
There is nothing wrong with having 20000 saved up emblems of a specific class. Don’t use it just because. And it is again, an utter waste to put them on a 4* then take them off and put them on a whatever else. if you do that you may as well just not put them on the 4*
But then again this is only my opinion and so take it as it is :slight_smile:

Then again, using emblems on 4* can help you immensely in class quests so you earn back emblems faster for using on your 5*. Plus a highly emblemed 4* is pretty much a maxed unemblemed 5* which is very useful for wars and for stacking.

Not to mention that they are of no benefit to you at all sitting unused in your inventory.

They’re not wasted.


I emblemed my best 3* team but didn’t max them. Just gave enough to do well with average boards.

4* I give them to rare skills and heroes that will be key players for raid defense. Raid offense changes. It costs a lot in lost iron and hams when you reset emblems, but depending on your rate of play and spend…it’s generally a good idea to not leave emblems in your inventory. Put them on heroes who help you progress and when the time is right, decide if you want to reset or leave them on and put all new emblems on the next hero.

5* is so damn expensive in emblems, so I only put them on heroes who will never leave my raid defense (Alby, Ariel).


This is a nice guide for 4 and 5 * heroes. It needs updating, hint.


I use it as a guide on what heroes to level also, if they are worth emblems 5hey are worth levelling.


Hi! Is a maxed 4* equivalent to a 3/70 5*?

A max+20 4* is ~= a 5* without emblems, so maybe like a 4/65 5*? Something like that.

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I think this is not a math question, but each player situation. If you have the champs and the mats to ascend (or willing to risk your money to get an specific hero) you can save your emblems for that.

I need a team as strong as I can to take on titans, wars and every stuff. I don’t have a tc 20 nor mats to ascend any 5 stars. So I emblem those heroes who are useful to me.

I emblemed an Azar till I got Grimm. I didn’t spend my rogue emblems before Danzaburo because I had no rogue useful to me.

I have emblemed Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Berden, Ulmer, Bane, and Belith because I need them to go through the game. I didn’t spend on paladin nor fighter because I don’t use Prisca and Oberon.

I can withdraw the emblems anytime if I stop using them. But I currently find it totally worth.

I think I should have added context to what I had actually wanted to ask but this turned into it’s own topic entirely. My wording should have been which heroes in 3 to five stars take priority to emblem. Then that would have been a different thing altogether. But this is an interesting conversation nonetheless.

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