Who in Atlantis tomorrow?

Hello, what heroes are to be in Atlantis?

No one knows for 100% certain. This thread has the best info I’ve seen.

ETA: as a friendly reminder, often you can find the answers to your questions by using the search feature or scrolling down the topic list a bit.

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I do not know, I have no idea for this question. Maybe Ares

there’s a lot of speculation as the reprise of Ares last month messed with any logic as to which hotm will be released. i guess we will see a yellow and fingers crossed GM

Who do you mean you can attach the hero’s screen?

What is goin on in this thread.

We have clueless in one corner, foreign language in another, sensible people in between

Then of course me to crap on all of it and take the cake


I’d say Kageburado, but who knows.

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