Who have to be ascended? Zim or Ares

any idea or advice for my team plz
I already have full Marjana and collected 6 rings again. fortunately, I got both of Zim and Ares with just 10x Atlantis pull. which one is worthier for my team?
My main team(defense) is
Isarnia, Khiona, Delilah, Marjana, Gregorion.
Joon(3/70), Lianna(3/70), Kestrel(3/70), Leo(3/70)
Elk(2/60), Khagan(2/60), Justice(2/60), Quintus(2/60)
they’re all 5 star heroes I have. I can ascend one of yellow and dark as well.

Honestly, both are good options. Zimkitha more for raids, and Ares more for titans. Zimkitha for the cleanse, with the buff and heal as a bonus, or Ares for the better buff and heal.

Based on the heroes you have, I’m leaning toward Ares since he’ll help amplify your already strong heroes attack. Zimkitha will do that too, just not as well, but she’ll also cleanse.

Honestly, it’s tough, but you can’t go wrong with either. If you don’t have Rigard or any other cleansers decently leveled, then I’d maybe do Zim. If not, my vote is Ares. I [personally] like Ares more, but both are amazing.


I was in the same dilemma until I pulled Mitsuko yesterday and… she’s getting the rings. It woukd have been Zim in the tank spot over Ares though. I need a Tank that hits back with some venom instead of just buffing up. Too easy to stack and load up attacking specials against a non attacking tank.

Check out this thread for further opinions and discussion about your question: First 5* Red hero: Ares or Zim?

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I’m interested in titan first. if my choice will be Ares, is he worthier than BT when attacking titan? if I go with Ares when I hit green titan, is it right to use the BT together? Or do I use other red heroes instead of BT? I think fisherman is better in my situation but I don’t have him yet. for the same reason, my khiona doesn’t like BT. lol

Wilbur + ares + falcon is better for titans than zim.

Better heals and higher attack buff

Shouldnt really be a zim to ares comparison in my opinion.

Zim or boldtusk is a better comparison. In which personally i would take zim if she’s maxed, on raids but Boldtusk on titans.

Just opinion made with a logical analysis of their cards

Fast mana 25% attack buff damages all small heals with cleansing = Raids and War attack teams

Average mana 48% attack buff with mid heals = titans

Mana is easier manipulated on titans so average and slow mana heros with bigger upside special skills can excel there

Raids and War attacks the mana is board dependent so fast mana heros are typically more favored for attacking. Not a fool proof analysis, there are special cases and different styles that fit different players.

Just general advice

For defense down vs green Titans, Wilbur would obviously be the best choice, but Gormek can fill that spot til you get him. If you have Falcon, he should make it onto your green Titan team as well, for the defense down on fire.

As for Boldtusk and Ares, the healing works well together. Ares crit won’t get overwritten, but his attack buff will. Personally, I use them together vs green Titans sometimes, but when I do, I make sure to activate BT first, then Ares since his attack buff is better. Ares only covers three with that, so if you run BT too, he’ll cover himself and the other lone wolf.

Obviously if you have better red options, and especially if you’re fighting 11*+ Titans, then I’d leave out BT and take in Ares instead for the survivability (when maxed). If you don’t have many reds, take them both. Better them then any other color for greens. Plus, Ares can be used as a buffer for all Titans except blue, and he does exceptionally well with that. He’s tanky, so he’ll live through the fight, and keep his flanks alive with him.

I love Boldtusk, but Ares is a better replacement in the long-term.

Zimkitha is great and all, but you can easily use a dote to take care of the ailments during Titans, events, map, quests and challenges. Only true purpose she has is for raid offense and defense, where you can’t bring in antidotes. Her fast mana and cleanse are the best things about her, so she’s great if you love raiding, but overall- if your main goal is Titans: Ares is definitely the answer. One of the best utility heroes around. Zimkitha could be next, but I’d make Ares your top priority.

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