Who has the worst luck in Hero Academy?

Tô da seguinte forma, não crio expectativas, assim não me decepciono, já nem sei mais quantas trocas já foram e até hoje ganhei a Onatel e elkanen de traje de diferente apenas mas, como disse, apenas não crio expectativas, fica mais fácil encarar o jogo.

Lol, i seem to be in the lucky bunch. I haven’t kept count of the number of retrains, it must be high because I got the academy right away, levelled, researched and started as soon as it came out.

I have obtained 3 non-S1 heroes: mushasi, yunan and lady Locke.

All the others were vanilla heroes, all dupes since I have all of those already. Chances are as low as they get but it’s still “free” and better than nothing, you guys just gotta keep playing the numbers, eventually you’ll get something, and if you have had way over 20 unfortunate pulls and it really is a 5% chance, probably the stats will normalize themselves and you’ll get a couple interesting heroes in a short span of time.

Good luck everyone and keep trying!

I hope they would raise the odds to a more interesting 15%, but it’s just not gonna happen LOL.

What I would so really wish though is that if you put a non S1 hero it would spit a non S1 hero, I have multiple HOTM dupes and… 2 salmon lokis :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m 0/56 on useful heroes… 1/56 overall. The 1 was a dupe, telluria… So… Nothing useful… Just maddening.

S1 67
Event 1

No costumes.
4.3% chance of getting something other than an S1 hero. Longest period of waiting for a new hero - 41 weeks.

13 months - 1 Guardian Owl, 0 costumes.

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