Who has the worst luck in Hero Academy?

33 attempts without seeing a special 5 *, but only the first season

Update: 0-30… Still not the worst yet… Lol

Update to the update 0-34. Took a week off and tried it again, July 4th it pops…

And I thought my 24 tries with not a single non-s1 hero was bad… :unamused:

0-30 retrains. I don’t know when my HA luck will change :pensive:

Pretty bad and decent at the same time. More than 30 and I was able to pull Magni whom i missed a lot but havent had Isarnia till date. Now with a chance of costume, i dont mind throwing the food and recruits as i have no project except the Atlantis Fan girl. And i have too much food to waste these days. I am just hoping for some costume other than Sartana, Dom or Thorne…

Still going 0-38…HA sucks until it doesn’t…


If they are going to have the odds be so low, they should decrease the time it takes to produce a hero. Take it to 5 days instead of 7.
Keep the bad odds and decrease the time.

The worst luck? My boss @TGW had a six month run of food (or something like that). That is just never going to be fun.

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I’m here again with the update :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: 33 retrains and all S1 :pleading_face:

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HA10 running since September 2020 resulting only S1 hero every week. So somewhat around 44 weeks behind without any luck with special heroes although that 5 % chance crudely means that I should get one special hero every 20 weeks. But did I win the worst luck prize then?

Running since November, I have received Onatel, for whom I’m very grateful, but I’m quickly dropping under the expected value on HA10. I imagine lightning will strike again. I just don’t know when.

Im running it since september, the only non S1s i got from it is a dupe Atomos and Drake Fong. Nothing in the past 5 months.

Same here - just started slightly later, I think. I had only S1 heroes, and I still don’t have the only one - Joon :wink: Usually, it just changes Khagan to Richard and vice versa. Seriously, there should be some mechanism implemented, that increases chance of getting someone you actually don’t have…

I have an alliance mate that is 0/44. All S1 so far…

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Just him would make it all worth it for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Why do you want him so bad? He is not that good. I very rarely use mine.

He is a thorn in my side. I have never beaten an Atomos enhanced team.

Now thats something i never thought i would hear. He is an ok hero in my book, B grade at best. There were very few cases when his revive came in handy and his damage isnt spectacular either. There are a few underestimated heroes who can easily kick your booty ( Lady Locke for example) but Atomos is not like this. He is just acceptable, not absolutely terrible but nothing spectacular either. If we could trade i would gladly give you mine for one of your duplicates.

I win - i have three accounts that have been running ha10 forever and i am sitting at over 100 pulls with 0 nonlegendary heroes…