Who has the worst luck in Hero Academy?

Players have been asking for these improvements for a long time. Hopefully one day SG will grant us these wishes.

I haven’t kept count. I guess I am on the luck side pulling a Kage, Hatter and I think one other non-S1 hero (dont remember…I didnt keep any of them).

I don’t mind too much running it constantly, but that food cost gets annoying. It seems its always ready to hatch just as I am low on ham.

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I win. 25 runs and 1 non-S1, being Mok-Arr. I gave up on HA10 2 months ago and started using S1 5* as feeders cuz they were just taking up space and clearly HA10 was just garbage. I may try again, but the option SG gave us for doing something with S1 was just awful


2/37, Ariel and Guardian Owl…we know the odds, we play the odds.

It depends on your definition of luck.

Why am I unlucky:

I am a level 62 player without a single 5* healer, yes not even Viv from any portal or training camp.

Any other heroes that would improve my game, only Tarlak or Miki.

I am not too concerned about the rest since my odds are more or less the same in taking a cobalt, onyx, garnet, frigg and odin defence out with my 4* heroes than with my strongest teams ( i have tested this to quite some extent)

2-for-35 (5.71%): Onatel & Zeline. Both new to me.

RNG gonna RNG, you gotta play the long game.

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I haven’t been counting out the weeks like most of y’all but I’m at about six months with nothing but season 1 dupes.

I am no where near some of the ones posting in the reporting thread, I remembered seeing someone there going on about 8 months without pulling any non vanillas.

But figured it is a good talking point for myself here because I started approximately 2 months ago. I don’t keep duplicates of any heroes regardless of rarity, I also have a copy of every Season 1 5* (all first copies came from TC20) prior to chucking Khagan in back then. Today, two months later, Khagan came back out. As much as he would have made a decent meal for JF, I opted for him to dive back in to play again.

HA10 seemed to be a feature that was really hyped and anticipated since it was first discussed, and feels like the devs probably originally wanted to do something nice for the player base, but Greed promptly kicked them in the unmentionables that made them cry uncle and begged for mercy so they released something that would only seem to benefit (if we can even call it that) a very minor % of the player population.

Long build/research time, long training time, no queuing, no seasonal heroes, no newer challenge 5*, no 3* and 4* non-vanillas (some support fellow answered a player’s inquiry about this by saying no one cares about 3* and 4*), only one HA, and then everything is dictated by RNGesus.

I have a feeling that when, or rather “if” I get any non-vanilla, it would probably be someone non-coveted or rather, someone I already have and then will go back in either way.


I ran HA10 weekly from Oct 17, 2020. I’ve kept 9 heroes I didn’t have. Every hero I’ve received, whether I kept or not were season 1.

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Ummm have you seen the food cost for upgrading troops once past lv 20? 30 retrainings is about 39 million hams, that’s a lot of hams to be wasting for literally 0 ROI.

Also this very thread is the reason why I didn’t even bother upgrading to HA10. Currently at HA7 and perfectly happy with using HA6 as an iron bank and having a constant stream of trainers stockpiled via HA7 (also functions as a decent secondary food bank).

Maybe if HA10 allowed 3 trainings at once I might be bothered to upgrade all the way. But in its current state it’s not worth the iron or the downtime to me.


I’m 0-32 and an alliance mate of mine is 0-34

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Haha, to your point, no… i havent trained my troops beyond 19/20. Good point. And while i do see the merit of lvling up troops, i really havent focused on that aspect of the game. Right now Im pretty satisfied with the strength of my team. I mean as it fits my goals: good mono teams of each color, complete quests and events (not really going for high ranks), do well in alliance wars, do well on titans. I think my end game goal is just to get 1 or 2 more 5* heroes (of each color) that will really boost my mono/titan teams. This is probably why i stick with HA10.

May I ask how long you have been playing? And are you f2p or c2p?

+1 for your post. :+1:

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Wouldn’t go so far… you only feed it once a week, it’s a bit costly on recruits, but not in a crippling manner. Trouble is we’re always getting the same old S1 heroes out of it, so it kind of feels like stiring in the potty…

I have had pretty good luck, I’ve done maybe 10 pulls and gotten Ranvir and Ariel

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You may ask.

I have been playing since about oct 18.

Indo not have a budget for the game but have bought some VIP’s in the past about 5 in total.
I have also bought a couple of 400 gems and 25 tokens (s2/s3)

I am willing to spend on a game that i will when buying a game.

So probably vc2p.

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I see. That sounds very frustrating. :frowning:

starts hoping @Avrilfra gets a nice 5 healer in the near future :pray:

I’m 0-23… But… For the last 22 pulls I also needed joon and isarnia… So the likelihood that in 22 pulls I wouldn’t have gotten either a non s1 or… Either of those 2 was 2.06%…

I finally pulled joon, and he’ll eventually get leveled, but only for depth. He doesn’t crack my starting lineup.

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I thought my luck was awful, since I started out 0-30, but it looks like others have a worst start. I’m now just 1/34, but it’s nice that the bad luck eventually ended. Best wishes to those of you who haven’t pulled a non-S1 out of the Academy yet. So many of you deserve one for your perseverance.

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