Who has the worst luck in Hero Academy?

I’m 0-29 in Hero Academy, I have all season 1 5 star heros, just looking for a Non dupe. I’m 0-29 because of this I’m ready to quit, there is no reward for grinding. Anyone else feeling the same way with all these dupe heros taking up roster space? Hero Academy was supposed to be a 5% chance, but it’s a resource black hole… RNG is bull $#!t…


I’m 0-33. I load it up once a week and then just forget about it. I don’t expect anything, and don’t stress over it. Maybe one day it will spit out something good. :man_shrugging:


I’m 0 for 20. But did pull obakan. The last season 1 hero I needed.

Hoping for a dark or holy hitter

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LOL. You don’t need to go far. Visit this post (and onwards) and you will know which forum user or thread contributor has the poorest odds (some are already at their 8th month straight retraining and hasn’t gotten yet a non-S1 hero; while other still on their 20ish week and have already gotten 2-3 non-S1 hero):


22 weeks with nothing as well. I swear if this facility ■■■■■ out a thot amun or a Perseus at this point I will quit the game

23 retrains all season 1 hero’s. Just wasting so much food and recruits.


23 weeks since my first retrain with only one hero i needed from S1 (Magni) , still havent pulled Joon, Khagan.
Without non S1 hero ofc.

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17th week got ursena,anzogh & ranveer inspite season 1 heros… So far i feel its still better than many others☺️

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I stopped using HA for retraining legendary heroes long time ago. I have exactly one non-S1 hero - 5*, and not even planning on ascending him.

I’m currently making troops. I think HA needs to align with the other advanced buildings:

  • have maximum 3 processes at the same time
  • allow to have a queue - non only one by one

When those two will come to live, I’ll get back to HA 10.

When I stopped, I had like 25 retrainings, all S1.


I have received one special hero (Onatel) from about 28 trainings. Got Marjana today and sent her back in for retraining.

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I dont unerstand how people would not try to go for HA10 because it “wastes resources”. I mean, what else would you spend food and recruits for? I get the low pull odds of 5%, but this far better than any other portal. Just my thoughts…


Add: the only reason im not complaining is that i have a HA10 retrain that matures in a few hours. Im hoping SG monitors this thread and says “Boy this fellow seems nice, he didnt bash the HA10, we should reward him with guardian panther”.


I would say it’s the uncertainty/RNG.

Thing is, you can only run two levels of HA simultaneously. So while HA10 is pumping out S1 dupe after S1 dupe, you could have been say, training troops instead (a guaranteed outcome).

I know the odds. Even though I expect to get a S1 dupe, it gets old fast. Something is better than nothing, but it is up to the player to decide when it is right for them to stop HA10 or keep going. Not everyone can be a super persevering player like @Harlikwen and @Pohiroshima. :muscle:

Having written that, I’ll always be glad that @Muchacho got a Zimmy from HA10. Literally survived with only an Azlar (no costume) as his only red 5* for three years.

At least it has worked for some.


I honestly think it can be productive to complain sometimes. It depends on how you complain, and how it is received though.

Not all complaints are equal.


I’m at 25 S1 heroes now, straight since I started using HA10. Only good thing I got was my last missing S1 hero, Elkanen. Though one day I’ll probably get a non S1 hero, I still believe the odds are plain s#*&.

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I think many of us have the same worst luck,a full set of S1 heroes…I know collect Domitias and Sartanas

The only reason im running HA10 is either MIKI or TARLAK… I dont need any other hero…


I’ve been among first ones able to retrain, started immediately. Felt lucky to have this chance already.

I wouldn’t call bad my outcomes, besides:

. got Grazul, Kingston and Hel. I only have 5 Hotms and those three are in the bunch already;
. got Misandra. Have 3 heroes from S2 and, guess what, she’s among them.

Looks like a prank, sure :sweat_smile:

Topics like this are the reason why I am not yet pushing to build HA 10. I am currently producing 2* and 3* troops from HA, which would help me level my troops a little faster (yes, a little faster, as I am aware how painfully slow raising troops is. Haha).

But I hope they could reconsider increasing the odds of non-Season 1 heroes from the HA 10 retraining. Is 10% chance too much, given the growing pool of old HotMs, Challenge Event, and Season 2 heroes? Each passing month, an old HotM becomes added to the chance for non-Season 1 hero, so in effect, the possibility of getting a specific non-Season 1 hero with the current 5% shared chance from HA 10 gets slimmer every time.

Or if they do not want to increase the odds, perhaps they could shorten the duration of the retraining to say, 4 days? As time is also a valuable resource in the game, players could manage their resources more efficiently if ever the retraining duration is shortened.


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