Who has the best F2P roster IN THE WORLD? 🗺️

Same, I’m reluctant to give mine to Justice because I’ve only got 7 left.

I have even fewer Damascus Blades, 4, so am reluctant to do Obakan too

Hah, you have 7, I have none because every time I get it, it gets spent to someone already waiting at 3^60 (4*) or 2^60 (5*). I have a disproportionate amount of Compass to Gloves, I think I currently have 14 Compasses to my 0 Gloves. Every time the game gives me a 3* non-farmable non-elemental specific mat, it’s always compasses and more compasses. So at this point, I really can’t afford to miss any of the Farholme Pass that has the Gloves or Epic challenge events that has them as completion rewards because the RNG Gawd likes to give me Compasses more than Gloves.

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Same, I have 13 compasses.

And 12 tomes. So imbalanced

I have the best hero roster in the world!

Why? Because it’s the only one I got and without it I couldn’t play this wonderfully fun and engaging game!



Been playing about 10 months. F2P until December when I actually bought Rudolph’s gift. No benefit from that hero-wise yet but I guess that makes me C2P now (or VC2P as in Very Cheap 2 Play). Doubt I’ll spend much more here.

2 HOTM grinding away to max, 2 maxed 4* with couple others close. Lots stuck at 3/60 and 2/60.

Rest are 3* and feeders. Far from the best F2P team but should be decent when I finally get them maxed in the next 6-12 months. I went through the first 8 months with a dearth of compasses (4 in total as I recall, 2 of which I bought with gems). Now I actually have some compasses but no gloves.

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I must say that I am very impressed with everything and everybody’s hard work in they’re free to play arena. The rosters are really incredible and kudos to all of you for resisting the temptation to pay. Hats off to all of you and Rock on😎


I know how hard to avoid all the gem offfer esp when its very very very cheap, so my thumbs up for all of u who can avoid that temptation! Salute!


5* maxed

5* on 3/70
Mother North

4 * Maxed
Boldtusk x 2
Wu Kong x 2
Sonya x 2
Grimm x 2
Li Xiu
Hu Tao

It seems that I’m extremely unlucky. I’ve been playing since end of February 2018. Spent about 150$ and managed to get 0 HotM and 0 event heroes. All the heroes that I have and cannot be obtained from training camps are : Victor and Santa Claus and Ameonna. Others that had to be mentioned but are pretty much useless are Rudolf and Danzaburo.
At this moment I have 0 epic hero tokens, 89 Atlantic coins and have been completed all available levels from S2.
In other word I used all my possibilities and got pile of crap.
I see that every person who spent something has better heroes than me and even the real F2P players are not worst than me :frowning:

You spent $150 and got two 5* seasonal heroes? That’s actually quite good luck. The average cost to pull a single 5* seasonal hero is $433. And you got two.


Pure f2p 15 months or so, if it ever becomes a non lottery I would probably spend but after being f2p this long and not rolled a hotm or 5* event hero I know my luck won’t be good if I put $ down as is. That being said my brother has played 12 months pure f2p and received 2 hotm and mother north so probably evens out between us haha.

TC20 has been kind enough and given me a decent roster that hold at 2500-2600 cups overnight and enough depth to push top 100 regularly. Really enjoy this game and would love to spend a bit but not in the current form of gambling.


Nice selection of heroes. I’ve been 10-11 months and just today got my first red 5* from TC20 - Elena.

Here is mine, I play 3months and must say that I have big luck, I start game together with my wife but she dont have luck in this game :smiley: got only 1 4* hero for now.I spend 3euro for christmas vip pass


Are we voting on the rosters? lol I’m not ftp, and wouldn’t even say ctp, but i liked what @princess1 said, I’m “PtE”. I am impressed by all the ftp in here, though! Your guys’ rosters are awesome! That’s some patience and dedication, and of course luck, for all of you!


I think the purpose of the OP was to just show that this game is still viable for free to play players.

Even though I now I now enjoy buying the small offers, my whole roster was built while I was free to play!

It’ll never WOW compared to a lot of the rosters of the TOP players but it certainly let’s me compete and play at a challenging level.

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Woo! Maybe Justice can grow a bit more after all @Shohoku79

I would trade you 20 gloves and 20 compasses for the 4 Damascus.

40 gloves and 42 compasses and counting right now. :sweat_smile:


All looks great but how long does it take to get a decent roster and level up all that !!!
I lack the patience !!! Rather pay to speed up the process !!!

Ok. Add in a video of you raiding my team and we might call it a deal? :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Wow, true F2P.

Can’t play this, totally not qualified :rofl:.

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