Who has the best F2P roster IN THE WORLD? 🗺️


Started to catch up to @tomb:

Two months later, 36 maxed 5* now, 37 ascended, and now the total number of 5* heroes is up to 49.

Got Quintus from TC20, Atomos and Marjanas costume from HA10. Two single gems pulls got me Rhys and costumed Sif in August. Waiting for poison darts to ascend them.

Happy gaming


Nice line up!!!

Happy Gaming

some good rosters here… I will play too, 4 years of playing (because some people care: 30 EUR spent on deals, so I am not 100% FTP, oh dear)


You’ve got a nice roster! I see you have a bunch of rare and epic heroes with emblems. Do you use them all? Curious why you haven’t reset some.

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Thanks! I’ve already reset some - TBH I could probably reset more but I don’t have many reset emblems left. The emblemed ones generally get a bit of use, and the ones I don’t use generally got their emblems when I didn’t have projects in their class to work on.

If I do reset some it will likely be Rogues - I have a lot of good 5* Rogues who would benefit