Who has the best F2P roster IN THE WORLD? 🗺️

RE: this… it took a lot of convincing for me to get Eagle to download the game. She doesn’t play complicated RPGs. I assured her this game was not all that complicated. The hero leveling and stuff, that part was unfamiliar to her, but I helped walk her through it, and now she does just fine. We managed to convince other friends and family to download it just for fun to play together in our spare time. Never with the intentions of being seriously competitive.

My dad is the one “white whale” (forgive the expression) that I never could hook. He is a pretty hardcore gamer with a near limitless budget. We’ve played many games together in the past - he’s everything anyone would want in a gaming teammate. Friendly, helpful, active, talented, dedicated (and wealthy enough to buy a solid roster early on). He immediately shut me down when I started explaining the summoning / RNG system.

“You mean lootbox microtransactions?” he said.

“Well, sort of… it’s called a ‘gacha’ game, which I know sounds bad-”

“Yeah, I know exactly what that is. Sorry, not interested.”

That was the end of that. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh, I’m not really complaining myself (anymore), but 2020 had been miserable. Until december I onlly got 2 new non-S1 heroes and both of them purple healers… (Marie-Therese and Zulag) I actually really wanted to quit tbh, but as I mentioned when I lowered my spendings since december, a lot of luck suddenly shined upon me. Guess the game wanted me to stay after all lol.

I’m quite competitive player too. I missed yellow mana troop for almost 3 years. and I got 3 of them in 2 months also since december. And I only recently got last S1 hero too. I, too, enjoy the game again a lot after getting newest ‘toys’ and achieving minor achievements - having all S1 heroes and all regular 4* troops for example, I wish I could say that I have 1 ninja (I don’t even have 1 of the 4s), 1 seasonal 5 or 1 s3 5*, but I don’t, it would be another minor achievement if I could say that I have just 1 lol.

It’s funny that since I’ve lowered my spendings, I got more lucky, so I have a hope that I get even more new non-S1 5*/costume. HA10 was also very generous so far. It’s hard for me to say no to PoV pass and occassional offers like the Rudolph’s gift cheaper VIP offer or the share gems offers.

Good luck to you too and to everyone else for an RNG to smile upon y’all :slight_smile:.


That’s really great man. I am really happy that your luck has changed for the better and that you are here to stay and enjoy the game. Here’s wishing you all the best for 2021. May you get all the heroes that you desire my friend :slight_smile:


I love my Vivica. She is only surpassed as healer for me by Ariel (one of my few non-S1 5*'s). I even have a second at 3/70 patiently waiting her turn for the mats (waiting in line with Leo and Joon #3). My second Viv gets to play in some wars where I use my second yellow mono team. I even have a third up to 3/19 when I had no other yellows to work on. Of course, yellow tends to be somewhat lacking in healers unless you get the shiny ones. My only other yellow healer is Wooly Lady.

Obakan came late for me, he’s languishing at 2/60.

I will post an updated list for my roster later. I’m what I call VC2P (average over 3 years is about $2/mo, approx 20% was from Google Rewards).

23 max 5* (5 are non-S1, 4 HOTM and Ariel)
45 (soon 48) max 4*
40 max 3*


In the same vein I have 10 damascus blades and one tome. I have the mats to ascend four heroes except for them pesky tomes.

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I certainly plan to finish my Vivica, I’ve been wanting her for ages, and finally pulled her last month from Costume Chamber. Would have probably preferred an Ariel, but beggars can’t be choosers.

And, yeah. I have 3 compasses and 23 fine gloves. There are others in my alliance who have 20 compasses and no fine gloves.

I have lots of green heroes, not enough green ascension mats. Others in my alliance have lots of purple heroes, not enough purple ascension mats. They have plenty of green ascension mats, I have plenty of purple ascension mats.

Naturally, inter-player trading is strictly forbidden. So we are at the mercy of RNG, an elusive invisible game god who has rarely been particularly kind to me.

So… I got Obakan later in the game and he was sitting at 2/60. I’m ascending him now due to lack of unique 5* purples… plus I have 18 tabards sitting around. At any case, I don’t think he is that bad a hero. Maybe underwhelming compared to others, but a fast attacker is always useful.

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This is my F2P alt (which is my new main actually)

I guess I’m pretty lucky with pulls, Owl was just strip from emblems because I need ham and I will need these emblems for Agrafena and Melendor.


Update of my f2p roster:

Good luck


Update on mine

Been working on upgrading my 4 stars mainly


One of the most amazing f2p players I have ever had the privilege of playing with

Last weekend I „ celebrated“ my 2nd anniversary here in this game.
I think a roster upgrade is due:

I leave out the 3* (some 20 maxed) and 4* (some 30 maxed) this time.
Hanitra will be maxed end of this week giving me 26 maxed 5* heroes,
Six of them limit broken.
Next in linewill be Viscaro, Iris and 2nd Lianna if nothing better green comes arround. Thinking to exchange 10S1 heroes for Cham in SE.

Happy gaming


account january 2018 or dec 2017
Fully ascended:
Red: Anzogh LB +20; Zimkitha; +20; Khagan; Guardian Kong LB +20; Puss in Boots; Noor; Queen of Hearts; Marjana
Purple: Malicna +20; Domitia + 20; Sartana; Viscaro; Domitia; Quintus; Obakan
Blue: Alexandrine +20; Raffaele +14; Thorne; Richard; Isarnia; Magni; Magni; Pengi;
Green: Telluria LB +20; Kadilen+cKadilen +20; Lughaidh +16; Zocc; Francine+cFrancine +20; Elkanen
Yellow; Delilah LB +20; Guinevere; Bai Yeong +20; Joon +20; Sir Roostley; Vivica +10; Rana; Justice; Leonidas

5* 3/70:
Gaillard; Lianna; Sartana; Kadilen; Azlar; Obakan; Horghall; Elena; Joon

Planned to upgrade: Francine; Rumpelstiltskin; Guardian Kong
and 21 vanilla dupes

77x 4* Fully ascended and 2 at 3/60

88x 3* Fully ascended and 1 at 2/20

If this is your ftp roster after 2 years you are a lot more lucky than I am!!! :rofl:

Yes this is a completely ftp roster, and I think I am lucky with pulls in this game. Could aquire Iris last month too….
Still missing the march HotM, but have high hopes for Springvale with my 14 saved EHTs.

Happy gaming

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Small update: The March HotM eluded me, but got costumed Killhare and Jack O‘Hare from Springvale portal.
I am at 50 5* now, 28 of them ascended.


To keep this thread from dieing, a small Update:

29 months playing, here the actual 5 Star heroes.

Down to 46, (45 showing, one is baking in HA10). Acquiered costumed Roc and Sylvaria from portals and Norns from SE ( 9 dupes and Horghall exchanged) and Isarnia from TC20 since last update. One dupe Kadilen was retrained to a dupe Joon in HA10, will keep him. Have the costume, and facing so many purple tanks in war, a second Joon will become handy if I manage to get enough darts.
Now 33 5* are ascended, 32 maxed the last one is at 4/77 already.
If I do not get additional good heroes, I will ascend costumed Elena, 2nd Lepus and 2nd Lianna for war depth, towers and W3K soon.
The ascension mats are ready to use…

Happy gaming


Pretty fly for only playing 29 mths… :open_mouth:

5+ years of F2P


Impressive roster, now I have a benchmark…