Who has the best F2P roster IN THE WORLD? 🗺️

Evening kids,

One of the newer players in our trainer alliance (Guardians Academy, look it up) was lamenting their ability in Avalon and partly blaming a lack of cash.

As a dyed-in-the-wool F2Per it got me thinking, who has the best freely obtained roster in the whole world?

I know it’s not me (the reclusive @Brobb has more for instance) but I’ll share mine to kick it off.

And there’s a little flexibility in ‘free’. My rule shall be that you must spend LESS than getting VIP, which I count as Cheap to Play.

Of anyone wants to offload their vexations about money, pulls and odds, I’d appreciate that going on one of the many relevant threads.

So without further ado, here’s my completely free line up, ammassed over 9 months:

Season 1
Sartana - 4th tier
Thorne - 4th
Horghall - 4th
Justice - 4th
Domitia - 3rd
Leonidas - 2nd
Joon - 1st

Kirill - 4th tier
Boril - 4th
Scarlett - 4th
Colen - 4th
Boldtusk - 4th
Caedmon - 4th
Melendor - 4th
Rigard - 4th and 2nd
Tibertus - 4th
Wu - 4th
Chao - 4th
Li - 4th
Sabina - 1st
Cyprian - 1st

All season 1 3* including 10 maxxed

Season 2 - Atlantis
Proteus - 4th
Ameona - 4th
Gadeirus - 1st
Agwe - 1st
Four 3* including maxxed Melia

Rudolph - 1st tier

Evelyn - 3rd tier

So - purple heavy and blue light. But I still have enough trap tools for everyone in the queue, so happy days .

Who else has a F2P roster to share?



Here is my F2P roaster, include 2 HOTM heroes (got them same day on atlantis pull)

I have so many heroes to upgrade…
Im curently upgrading ares to the max
Then finishing triton and then doing domitia.
0€ spend, im diamond, played since april. Im very lucky on this game and i dont know why.

EDIT: just updated my roaster because i got additionals 4*/5*: leonidas, buddy and … Quintus -_-.

new load of heroes 5/4* very good ones, still lucky

I have now in addition: 1 more wukong/Joon and wilbur, 1 LJ, 1 Atomos(from gems), 1 Protheus(from coin)


Ares, khiona, Triton, Wilbur, Mariana… those are particularly amazing, good work :grinning::+1:


Not the best but im happy with them


I’ll play.


In addition, I have 26 fully levelled 4* heroes.

(The usual caveat applies: I have spent £2.99.)



I missed you like Wu Kong misses a titan with five strong tiles lined up with the weak point - frequently and bitterly.


Played for 18 months and payed 17ish euros.
Surely not an impressive roster since I have very bad luck with hotms/season 2/event heroes, just the result of a lot of grinding.

All the following are maxed unless stated otherwise

HotM: Aeron, Gregorion
Events: Owl (guess?!? not maxed)
Season2: none
Season1: Elena, Marjana, Khagan (tier4), Magni, Isarnia, Thorne (tier4), Elkanen, Lianna (tier3), Sartana, Quintus (tier3), Obakan (tier3), Domitia (tier3), Vivica, Joon, Leonidas (pulled yesterday, have all the mats for him)

Events: Peters, Hansel
Season2: Ameonna
Season1: all

Also a lot of 3*, but not that interesting

EDIT: to comply to the strictest definition of F2P as 0 cents spent on the game, remove Peters, Hansel and Owl from the list above, cause they are all I got when I payed, plus a bunch of 3* feeders and a few 4* dupes (I only bought gems to reach 2600 and try a x10 pull before some events ended, so my money bought about 12 event pulls).


Holy crap, Brobb! That’s a hell of an accomplishment! I’ll drink to that!


This is my F2P roster :

Not the best F2P in the world but works.


Here is my f2p roster. Been playing since August 2017 and spent $0


And this is my Alt acct I’ve been playing since Nov 2017:


I’ve been playing for a year and spent only about 20€ which didn’t get me anything but Sumitomo.
Here’s my roster :slightly_smiling_face:


I’d love Alasie :heart_eyes:

And falcon is fun too, great job :blush:


Just pulled Joon, maybe $15 spent over the entire time I’ve played. Best standing on cups but me in the top 1500 players overall.


After 16 months playing two profiles and only starting to buy the small offers and VIP in December, I feel my roster complies with the OP as ftp.

On both my profiles I have fifteen 5 stars on one and sixteen 5 stars on the other.

Almost all of mine have come from level 20 training.

I’m counting all my 5 stars (leveled and unleveled) as well as my duplicates. I like to keep all my 5 stars until I really know what I want to do with them.

One one profile I have 3 Liannas (I’m keeping them all), one the other I have 2 Sartans and 3 Vivicas (Sartanas I’ll keep), I’ll wait and see how many Vivicas I’ll keep.

Sure, they aren’t fancy 5 stars but I’ll take my 2 Sartanas against Gunivere any day of the week!


FTP^ Roster since *1.5 years ago I think


Vivica 3-70
Magni maxed
Quintus 3-61
Obakan 3-53
Justice 2-12

Little John


Kiril x 2

Li Xiu


(All 4* above in final tier, most maxed or near it)

Skittle skull at 3rd tier

^My definition of FTP is you spend a grand total of $0

Edit: Photos or it didn’t happen


Lol the true F2P

Hard to find

I couldnt do it, congrats man!


Finally someone think like me xD


I agree and my roster was built before I spent a single penny.

I now consider myself a pte player … I think that’s the new term

Pay to enjoy!


I consider myself F2P/Cr2P, but I guess by the truest definition as @FrenziedEye and @Losmellis will define of F2P, I no longer qualify because I spent a total of $3 of Google Play promotional gift money on the gems in this game. So still F2P because I spent $0 of my own money from my own bank account, but to SGG, my account spent $3.

In coming up to a year in playing sometimes next 2 weeks, I have on my roster (no duplicates will be kept).

  • A copy of all S1 3* heroes acquired maxed on 3^50 and 8/8 specials.
  • All but 1 S1 4* heroes acquired (don’t have Skittleskull yet), and Kelile, Melendor, Li Xiu, Chao, Wu Kong, Cyprian, Boldtusk, Gormek, Caedmon, and Sonya maxed on 4^70 and 8/8 specials. The rest are either waiting for mats or still being worked on.
  • 7 S1 5* heroes, all from TC20 - Azlar, Elena, Quintus, Isarnia, Kadilen, Khagan, and Lianna, none are really high leveled and are waiting for mats and feeders.
  • All S2 3* heroes acquired, Melia and Namahage are 3^50, 8/8. Rest being worked on.
  • Some S2 4* - Gobbler, Agwe, Ameonna, and Sumitomo
  • No S2 5*
  • No Seasonal heroes any *
  • No Challenge event heroes any *
  • No HoTM
    (I guess if you really want to count Atlantis as an event, I do have some of the heroes, but I don’t really count them since they are available 12 times a year).
  • 2 4* Blue Troops, 1 4* Green Troop, 1 4* Yellow Troop, short of 1 kind of 3* Blue troop, the rest I have a copy of. I kept some of the 2* because of challenge events.
  • No VIP Pass purchased at any point
  • No Gem speed up to skip chests used at any point
  • No raids other than what was required in S1 to finish the maps
  • No Gems spent to increase hero roster space
  • Only 50 Gems spent that I wouldn’t have otherwise spent to start my own alliance.

At my current speed of playing, the only thing that is holding some/most of my heroes back is actually the Fine Gloves, which the game sees fit to use as the bottleneck to limit my account’s progress.

My luck has not been as good as some of the other F2P here when it comes to the event/seasonal/HoTM, but I will see when I saved up enough gems, where the next 10X summon will get me (My most recent 10x Troop summon hoping to fill my 4* red/purple troop shortage was quite disastrous).

I don’t check out the "Oh, I got so and so seasonal hero or HoTM on a single pull, but he/she/it sucks" type discussions, and can only shake my head at those players because I don’t have any of those characters and it’s sad to hear these type of statements because to me they are taking their luck and beating the odds for granted.


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