Who has leveled Miki to tier 4

Just being curious about this.

I read lots of comments he should stay at 3 70 and that would be enough. Are there people that have him full maxed? Or on his way?

Mine is 3-70 for a lack of scopes. He functions quite well there. I’ve seen a few maxed in raids and videos on Line. It’ll probably become more common and necessary when the 13 & 14 star titans return.

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Well mine is full because i fight 12* titans… but if you are fighting titans with 10* or lower he will handle it!
I think thats why ppl say its enough at 3/70.
For 11/12* titans he is too squishy to handle


Wukong was driving me insane with his horrible randomness. To finally have a replacement for him, is reason alone to get Miki to 4-80 :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I just ascended Isarnia before pulling Miki, so I’m at 0 scopes. Miki will stay at 3-70 for take many, many months… but eventually I want to ascend him.

mine is 4-80 to replace wukong (dont have tarlak)… he’s insane on titans (even green ones). you have to use mana pot to help him a bit, but he increased consistantly my damages


wow very nice… can you say which team you took along with him on this titan? :slight_smile:

would be awesome, thanks

wilbur - falcon - ares - azlar - miki :wink:

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I maxed mine to replace Wu on more Titans. 3/70 works fine at 10* and below, but he can’t survive the higher stars.

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