Who goes next yellow and red

Don’t worry about who I have maxed already. I have 8 yellows and 9 reds already maxed so my bases are already covered. I just got the darts and rings and scopes and tomes to level one of each color.

Here are the candidates. Just looking for who the best overall hero is out of the group. Who would you guys max if these were your choices?

This is so not fair!! LOL… Without knowing who you have to pair these choices up with, it’s a shot in the dark… but I’ll bite.

I’d probably go with Viv for yellow since you have her costume, and Kestrel.

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Fine, here are my current maxed heroes. I could also max a duplicate of each one except gravemaker and drake. I only have one of each of them.

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Thank you!

So… changing my answer…

for red I’d go Anzogh (pairs well with Zim)
for yellow, another malosi isn’t a bad idea… but I like Musashi for his high attack stats.

I don’t have much experience with the S3 heroes, so I’m interested in hearing other advice as well.

Helluva roster though!!

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For yellow I’d go C-Viv, her defence down is very powerful and she is a beast in rush tourneys.
For red Lady Loki or G Kong, it depends on who you like better-Kong has a high attack power and a useful cleanse, LL is great for tactical play.

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Costumed Vivica. Her defense down ailment is unmatched and second to none.

Lady Loki. I just like how her skill interacts. A luxury hero you can afford with that deep bench of maxed heroes you have.


Baldur and Neith, maybe Khagen and Justice

I was definitely leaning towards lady Loki I keep passing over Kestrel though.

As for yellow, I have a lot of other minion heroes like Puss and Freya and Telluria and Seshat that could make Delilah a real pain in the ■■■■. Don’t know much enough about Bai Yeong yet. I wouldn’t have considered Norns before the buff. But her hit is similar to Drake and White Rabbit already, just with a different secondary special.

I’m always down for waiting for a better hero to come along.

Maybe Baldur and Neith

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I will go for Roc and Lady Loki. But that is just me

In my honest opinion, given your roster I would focus on (Red) Lady Loki and (Yellow) costume Vivica or Delilah
Whichever heroes you choose, good luck


Costume Vivica and Guardian Kong

Red is easy: Lady Loki.

For yellow, I’d say vivica

Went with Lady Loki. I just caught a run on tabbards. I might hold off on the yellow. Purple is easier.

Thanks for the input.

Lady Loki for sure.

C Vivica or Roostly.

I’d go for C-Vivica and Lady Loki.

For red, probably Lady Loki. Kestrel would be my 2nd pick. For yellow, I think it’s a harder choice and depends on what aspect of the game you want the hero for. Inari would only be good for tile dmg. Delilah or C.Viv would probably be a better healer than Guin. My pick would be Musashi tho. Decently high tile dmg at fast speed and would go well with White rabbit and Drake.

Yeah, I went with Lady Loki. I’ve emptied my training camps and got her to 4/71 at the moment. Building some trainer heroes in hero academy should help things along.

I’ve almost maxed Kestrel the last two times I maxed a red but something new and exciting came about. Unless it’s a ninja hero or something next time I get rings, Kestrel is next.

Musashi is an interesting choice. I might go healer first though. I’m leaning more towards Delilah over Vivica even with her costume because of the speed and minions.

I have Puss in Boots, Freya, Telluria, and Seshat all maxed. Could be just a barrage of minions. Plus blue druids like Vela and Magni’s costume, Puss would summon the Druid minions. Building a minion madness team could be fun and effective.

Vivica is tough to pass over though. Having her in rush tournaments along with Alfrike could be very effective. I passed over Clarissa for Alfrike and couldn’t be happier. Alfrike is a wrecking ball. I have Alberich maxed and I put him in those rush tournaments with Alfrike. Both of them at very fast speed is crazy. Vivica could add to that and be effective for war team depth.

I have the stereotype defense right now. Seshat - Gravemaker - Telluria - Vela - Drake Fong. All at 18 emblems expect Seshat who is at 14 because i have Finley sharing the emblems at 11 right now. All mana troops at 29 for the 15% mana boost. I have a critical troop of each at 17. Then I am working on a second mana troop of each color currently between levels 10-13 at the moment. I’ll try to get them all to level 23 before I top off all my top mana troops to level 30.

Lots of choices and there’s a case for each one.

Just finished maxing Frigg and she’s bad ■■■. Just learning how to use her most effectively. There’s a bit of a learning curve to use her best. It’s not always charge and fire with her. Lady Loki is kinda the same way. I like these new heroes they’re putting out that make you think more strategically. The last few heroes of the month haven’t really got me excited although i did max Malosi the last time I maxed a yellow. Pretty effective.

The hero i think I’m looking forward to the most is Gefjon. A proper red sniper. Plus stealing minions before the strong hit. If I get her, she’ll get the rings for sure. Been waiting for a pure red sniper forever. That would make an interesting choice of who to reset to put emblems on her. Seshat and Finley are so good, but if she is as advertised, it’ll make for some hard decisions.

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Roostley is also and interesting choice. He does some serious damage. Also like the chain damage. If there’s a dead enemy, it’ll make him less effective since he won’t hit all, so involves some more strategy with his hits, which i like.

I think healer is the way to go right now with either Vivica or Delilah. Haven’t used Guinevere in a while expect in war team depth. Guinevere is still great though.

By the time Thor or Odin roll around, I should have the darts for one of them. Thor especially looks pretty great.

Totally agree with you Wick. Heroes that take strategy add a lot to the game. For me Grazul and Fenrir really take planning when you fire.