Who goes first?

It’s been raining 4* ascension materials recently.

I can max 2 yellows, a green, a purple and a blue at the moment. I only want to max one hero right now.

I’ve narrowed it down to 5 of each color I feel would be worth maxing the most.

Out of these, who is the one hero you would max first?

Here’s the currently maxed heroes in those colors


I personally vote for Sartana to give you another “point and shoot” option… Kunchen could have an argument but only for “rush attack” settings… In literally any other thing, he is outclassed by Rigard…

Probably Mica or Neith would be my vote… Mica will give you a lot of power on offence & neith can be very useful with the blind & mana reduction.

Skadi. No contest here. She’s an absolute WEAPON in offence. I use her every war :smiley:

Francine. Super useful hero and does a triple cleanse which is REALLY useful in attack. She’s also popping up a lot as a popular defense flank these days too.

If I was to pick an order, I would go:

Skadi > Francine > Mica > Neith


I’m leaning towards a yellow or green first to make my number or maxed heroes more balanced. But I feel like Kunchen would get a lot of use. Also Cobalt would be useful on offense with the bypass.

I’ve been wanting to max Mother North since last Christmas but she keeps getting passed over. Francine seems pretty nice. But I’ve been seeing a lot of costume Kadilens out there recently.

Mica and Delilah are probably my top choices for yellow. I have some great minion heroes so delilah would be a great fit.

Thank you for a rare straight answer.

I haven’t had a chance to test out Skadi very much. What do you like about her above the rest?

In that case for green I would go Francine if you just plan on using this green for offense. I have her at 4.80 and she destroys in green stacks. cKad if you’re looking to add another green tank possibly?

For yellow I like cViv for her def down. Awesome for titans and yellow stacks in general.

There are a couple things to love about skadi:

  1. her direct damage is pretty deadly. I have her dealing about 500 damage to each enemy in raids. more if you pair her with an attack buff and/or defence dropping hero.

  2. Her Stacks (the frost damage & mana debuff) for killing minions / heroes is permanant. It doesn’t have a timer, nor can it be cleansed by healers or even Guardian Gazelle.

  3. In the current Minion Meta (Telluria, Bera, Freya etc…) she is SUPER amazing… If you time her nicely with an attack buffing hero & a defence down hero (like kiril costume) you can get a 10x stack in one firing as she’ll easily kill 2x Telluria minions in a single cast…


Nice. Thank you again for a straight and logical answer

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