Who gets the rings

Hey forum folks, just need some advice on rings.

  • Baldur
  • Russell

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Background, this is purely for depth, I have 50+ maxed 5*s. I have GM no costume and JF who work well with Russell. I have heimdall, hanitra, and the pig who work well with Baldur.
Thanks in advance

I don’t have Baldur. But I know people who do and love him. I have maxed Russell thinking about using him with GM - I liked the idea of his passive mana gain. But to be honest, he’s been underwhelming. He barely gets any use. So I would have to say Baldur.

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Russel pairs well with burn heroes. Baldur is a solo star and good at surviving. Of the 2 I’d ascend Baldur.


Thanks for the response @StillVictor and @Chadmo. Thanks for the votes everyone, baldur has been ascended


Good Choice. He’s my go to red for doing the maps in a rainbow attacking team.

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I have neither but as an opponent I find Russell easier to handle.


In my honest opinion, and I do have him, I would focus on Baldur first
But whichever hero you choose good luck