Who gets the rings to max out my next 5* Red

Ok so which red gets the set of rings sat in my inventory? It’s just for roster depth to be honest.
I also have Elena and Khagan sat at 3/70 but no costumes …

C.Azlar if you are event player, if not then Mitsuko, she is old but her reflect will be always useful.


And the mana cut, don’t forget that very annoying mana cut!

I’d add my vote to Mitsuko. C. Azlar is good but other heroes do similar.


Santa could be a tank, Kong is good in Rush. But Mitsuko is really fun. When her reflect is up and I kill the blue enemy with tiles Im dissapointed, coz I like watchin em kill themselves :slight_smile:

They are all good, really. But Mitsuko is fun. You just hsve to time her reflect. Her mana cut is also sweet.

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I’d definitely go for Mitsuko! Her ice reflect is currently unique in the game and is AMAZING for raids/events. On top of that, the mana removal saved my skin a lot. She’s also average mana speed + sorcerer, which means that on talent node 20 she gains 4%MG (making her charge in only 9 tiles with a lv 11 mana troop). I can’t recommend her enough

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Another vote for Mitsuko! I have her at 4/80 and she’s not only fun but extremely useful, especially in war offense. I don’t even have her emblemed but she holds herself well.

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Very unpopular opinion. A maxed hero is a maxed hero, an emblemed hero is ann emblemed hero and better than a maxed one…

Go with the hero you can give emblems… Next step would be limit break

I’d do Mits first for the blue reflect…huge skill. After that Kong for the cleanse or C-Azlar for the rush wars and tournies.


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