Who gets the mats? Asterius or C Marjana

Hi Guys. Just wondering, on who should get the mats. 1.Asterius or C Marjana. 2.C Joon or Uraeus. I dont have any fire or holy 5* maxed.

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  1. Costumed marjanna first.
  2. Costumed joon first.

Marjanna is very strong costumed. And against titans a color defense down is important.
Further, she works great in pvp.
Even her attack down on blue enemies always affects any blue enemy not only those who where hit by marjanna.
Asterius may be a tough and strong hero too, but is a bit slower and his pure damage is smaller.

Costumed joon is very very tough and fast and thats what makes him stronger than uraeus.
Or, I need to clarify…
Both are great yellow heroes, but while uraeus has his best use against minion teams, joon is more or less usable in any fight.
His damage is heavy and also the chance to miss can help a lot when enemies or bosses fire heavy specials at you.
Finley or alfrike are just 2 examples for using blind effects. If you are a bit lucky, their special is more or less harmless, besides often they just beat your whole team up.

Nethertheless, all 4 heroes are totally okay to fully ascend, there is no doubt about that.

Edit: @Romez welcome to the society.
As often Recommended. Use the gameplay help threads here and look for a skilled and helpful alliance in the game.
Dont be frustrated about phases in game where nothing works. Everybody has days or even weeks without good summons, awful boards, no material drops and so on.
It comes and goes and maybe we will see you in the top player league anytime soon :slight_smile:


C-Marjana is easily the answer for red. I’ll be surprised if anyone suggests Asterius.

I vote Joon over Uraeus. Here’s a similar thread on the question.


Times 3, Give me C Marj and Costume Joon. Both Amazing snipers.


I agree with all the answers. You can use Marjana and Joon both on attack and defense teams.


I’ll co-sign all of these opinions too.

Fire: CMarj is one of the best 5* reds, period. I don’t think she’s great on defense, but she’s completely indispensible in a red stack, and against green titans.

Holy: Uraeus is a good attacker against minion heavy teams, and good on both offense and defense in minion wars, but Joon is more versatile as an attacker because of his speed, and is good on defense in all war types. I’m in a top alliance (Crew-Saders), and I still see plenty of cJoon in war defenses.


How would you rate c.Marjana against Gefjon.
I have both but not sure who to use.
I currently run with raid defence:
Marjana (CB), Heimdall, Krampus, Clarissa, Costume Joon

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That’s a toss-up for me. Both strong.

C Marjana
C Joon

The other forum members espoused excellent communication as to the WHYS.
I concur.

Of course Asterius as a new 5* hero has solid stats and beneficial specials. He will be a force on many aspects of the game.

Uraeus. SAA about red Asterius.

Your other HEROS often help to determine which of the heros to choose to build up in which order.
And are you interested in any particular niche?
Tournaments? War? Raid def? Etc

With the question as is posted.
Go with those Costume heros.
Other 2, are rated in “A” dimension by many.
Consider them for those NEXT TIME?



Is Joon stronger than Uraeus? I would definitly say no! Thinking on all the Minion-Heroes, Uraeus says no problem to a minion, Joon says I’ll be back soon to hit stronger!

I agree, but costumed joon is better for me :wink:

  1. Faster on mana, therefore better in offense and defense (typical right wing)
  2. Blind effect plus heavy damage can be used just everywhere. Pvp offense, defense, event, titan, mystic titan, tournaments, war.
  3. Uraeus lacks in defense position. Just dont bring any minionmaker against him and he is nothing more than a slower and tougher joon.
  4. 5% manabonus brings cJoon down 1 tile (7 instead of 8) when reaching manatroop 17. And that is definetly much earlier to reach compared to troop level 23 what would bring uraeus from 10 down to 9 tiles.

Yes, joon has a low defense, but that compared to the 4 points above is still okay.

But: uraeus is a top hero. I would ascend him before a second joon, thats for sure.

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