Who Gets the Gloves - Ascension Road Map Help

I’m chronically short on gloves. I have one pair at the moment. I have all other mats needed to fully ascend any hero pictured below (the first three and Kingston already have their gloves, of course).

Here’s what I currently have maxed, so you know what I’m working with.

You can see I’m sort of at a crossroads - I’m not too far off from 30 maxed 4*s (soon-to-be 23, with two 5*s already in the pipeline), but I have enough 3/60’s to at least do meaningful cleanup with my last two war flags. I’m starting to come across more 5*s (four now from TC20, plus two HOTMs from event pulls).

I don’t have issues completing content (I do still have several S2 provinces to finish in hard, and I suppose I have S3 to gear up for). I do well against some titans, not so well against others, not sure what I can do to help that with my current roster (currently in a sweet spot bouncing between 8’s and 9’s). So really, raid/war is my highest priority for setting up my leveling pipeline.

I’m currently sitting on 850 packs and over 200 days of TC11, so I’m ready to push some heroes up the ranks. I’m okay with parking them at 3/60 or 2/60 and waiting for more mats, but I’d like to have a sense for where I’m going over the next couple of months. Thanks in advance.

Sabina and magni should be started… after finishing vela, Kingston, lj, tibs, hu and Scarlett to their respective tiers… and Sonya is the only dupe I’d max at this time.

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They’re two of my most recent TC20 acquisitions, and I had them queued to start after Vela and Tibs, as you said. You’re recommending pausing Vela at 3/70 for now, and taking Magni the whole way, right?

Speaking of dupes, I forgot to include my unleveled copies of Boldtusk and Melendor in the roster shots. Would either be worth leveling at this point?

Vela is a great support hero… and would pair nicely with your emblemed Grimm, with his defense down) and Sonya for her snipe.

I’m thinking that maxing magni first might be best… putting him next to vela, his d buff would protect her at 3/70… and he’s pretty useless at 3/70.

Definitely get some other opinions too!

Well, it looks like my Atlantis summons gave me the other opinion I needed. I had 60 coins, so I decided to push for one more summon, and I managed to pull Proteus with two minutes left on AR. He’s definitely getting a set of gloves. And I just got a second pair from a titan. Since Farholme has already come and gone, it’s going to be a while before the next one with gloves. Though Avalon isn’t too far off, and that’s another two pairs. Anyway, I think I need to maximize the second pair by focusing on one of my 5*s, since they’ll go a lot farther there.

I think that Magni makes sense, out of the 5*s I have that still need gloves. Azlar is a great upgrade over Colen, but that’s not saying a lot, and I don’t think he’s as useful as Magni will be. Justice is serviceable, as well, but not that exciting. I don’t have lots of darts, so I’d rather take my time and hope for Viv or Joon (or better). I guess I’ll go with Magni for my second pair of gloves and then reassess after Avalon.

Congrats! Proteus is a great hero :slight_smile: