Who gets the capes, blades, and tools?

So I’ve finally got enough AM mats to max a blue, red, and purple 4*. Seeing as I have 0 maxed 4* I don’t think I should save these AM for 5*. See pics of my roster below but so far I am thinking Wilbur for red, Kiril for blue, and Rigard for purple

image image image

Those three are all good choices. You could also consider doing Triton first instead of Kiril, so you can have an offensive hero in there


Thanks for the feedback. I’d considered Triton but Kiril is one of those ones you see being used by players all the way at the top so I figured maybe a better long term investment with as rare as AM are. Grimm was another I considered.

That being said Triton is a decent sniper but his buff can be tricky to time when running only a single healer, which makes him a little less valuable to me.

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Triton, wilber, rigard. You get some of everything!


Any other votes for Triton over Kiril? I usually always fight with a Wu Kong so even without maxed damage dealers I’m doing high tile damage and Kiril would only amplify that. Hmm…

Wilbur, next Boldtusk.
Rigard, next Tiburtus, Sabina, Cyprian.
Kiril, others can wait.
Next, I would give another cape for Miki to 3.70, very good Titan utility, and Titan is one of resource for getting AM. You have great roster, Good luck.


Kiril will give Wilbur and Wu more bangs for 3 turns, heal + increase att. and def
Live long and have fun. :grin:

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So you’re saying Kiril, then Miki to 3.70, then maybe Grimm?

Mark me down as another vote for Triton before Kiril. Kiril is great, he was my first blue 4* I maxed, and I still use him, but you are going to be really really heavy on healers and support heroes and somebody needs to do some damage. Grimm would be another solid choice, but you already have Triton ready to max, and Grimm is less essential with Wilbur in hand.

Miki is superb and I am continually surprised just how much more I like him than Tarlak, but I think going with him anytime soon would be getting ahead of yourself a bit, even just shooting for 3.70.


Well, depend on your titan stars, and your playstyle, bring Miki to 2.60 1st, and play a while with Titan, also bring Wilbur to make survivable from dead in one shot.

As @phoshop said, you can ascend Triton over Grimm because you have wilbur, but later you will ascend all of them, they are best.

We don’t do over 7* titans yet, so maybe Miki 2.60 is ok

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Since you already have Wu waiting on his final ascension I think you should build out your roster more before moving on with Miki. That attack buff on its own isn’t going to magically boost your titan scores without a roster of leveled heroes. Additionally, Miki is really not very useful outside of titan attacks and working on 4’s will be better for war depth and probably for Trial events. At this stage I think you should focus on building out your whole roster before focusing on a what is essentially a titan only hero.

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Fair enough. My 4* depth is lacking for sure. For what it’s worth I was able to finish Epic tier of Avalon with 3.60 heroes, but at great great difficulty. More depth to allow color stacks would’ve been much easier as I’ve seen people finish Legendary tier with only classic 4* heroes and a single 4* event hero.

And re Wu: I’ve still only got a single Orb :expressionless:

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