Who gets tabards?

Sitting at 3/70:
Grimble, Khiona, Victor, Aeron, Karnov. Already 4/80 C.Sartana, 2 Kages, Clarissa, Myztero, C. Domitia.

Thanks for any input!

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It’s hard to choose without knowing the rest of your heroes and the purpose, but if you don’t have a minion counter, then Grimble.

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Grimble is actually great in this meta… I’d Ascend him with no regrets

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Karnov would be great for titans (know jott & ratatoskr get a lot of love for that application).

Otherwise Grimble would be my vote… Good for the minion wars & also to counter (somewhat) all the Bera & Freya that are out there.

karnov will see a long term use with both normal and mythic titans.

vote for karnov

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