Who gets emblems - Elena vs Killhare

As the title states, where should I spend my fighter emblems? I already have BT+20 but I have 477 fighter emblems waiting to be spent. I will have Elena and Killhare maxed shortly and am not sure if either of these two make my defense. I will use them raiding, wars and titans in stacks.

Here are my other maxed 5*, and I have most of the 4* heroes maxed also.

I’m making the same decision right now for Killhare and Poseidon. The one with emblems gets to be on my defense team, and I also have Jean Francois there to help cover her -defence. Poseidon would pair with Domitia, Killhare would get Vivica.
It’s a tough decision. Killhare hits so hard, so I’m leaning towards her. Elena is a powerhouse too though, and if I can’t get Sonya charged quickly enough, her counterattack wipes my team out.

To me it’s not even a question. Killhare is a solid A and does massive damage. Elena does too, but at slow mana. Slow mana heroes just don’t cut it much in this meta anymore unless you’re a reviver really.


That is what kind of makes my decision a little more difficult. Fighters do revive with skill, so having Elena revive might be what she needs to get her special off and extend the fight (obviously Killhare reviving would be good too).

I guess I am just not sold internally with who I will use more and how I can setup my attacks. Right now my 3 stack purple is Kage-Sartana-Proteus and it is pretty good. I would probably drop Proteus for Killhare in that stack because he often dies before he fires. I do have tibs costume (no emblems) but that would come out for mono stacks.

My red stack is usually Zim-BT+20 or Zim-Marj and as a third either Grazhul or Wilbur. It gets tough thinking about where Elena fits in here, because I havent tried raiding with her yet. We just had a green titan and she got her first use there and the tile damage is really nice.

I say Elena. Pair her in attack with Wilbur and Proteus plus a couple of healer types (I use Mother North and Rigard costume).

Wilbur, Elena, Proteus combo in attack is incredible. People here will tell you not to pair damage reflect hero with defense buffer, but my results disagree.

I suggest Killhare for speed and damage.

Uncostumed, Elena is too slow & passive for this meta

Elena? Massive damage? :exploding_head:

Tiles yes… SS AoE? No.

Yeah, I am not sure I would consider Elena massive attack. Her tile attack is going to be nice. I am not sure I would bring two 4* in a stack though so I am not sure if that would be a good use case.

I generally dont think pairing reflect with Wilbur’s damage share is good practice. I fear that would spread the damage too thin.

Tiles and riposte cause massive damage, yes. The AOE is pretty good too as a bonus with that attack stat.

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