Who Gets Darts? Thank you!

Aouda, Devana, Joon or Leonidas?

I typically use Sif with Elizabeth/Black Knight, Morel/Ariel, C Liana/Cristobol, C Sartana/Ursena/Seshat. I only have Sif for maxed out Holy. Which other Holy would work with these combinations of heroes best? Leaning towards Aouda. Thank you so much for the advice!!!

Leo is my last choice. Joon and auoda are enough fast snipers. I like joon but I’d prob go audoa over joon for the higher base stats. So to me it’s a question of auoda or Devana.

I’m not sure either work better given the rest of your team. I’d probably opt for Devana.

Edit: I think Devana but I can see myself doing auoda instead purely for mana speed.


Thank you for the advice. I totally agree with Aouda then Joon because of base stats (also will be great against Garnet and others with boosted health). I also had Leo last. Interesting about Devana (I had her below Joon). Is it because she kills minions? Would you use her often or just against minion makers? What makes you pick her as #1 with my team?


I don’t think there’s any real synergy of any of the heroes so there nothing too specific to your team.

Auoda is a fast sniper. Very basic. But still good.

Devana gives you dispel, anti minion strategy, a beefy minion on her, and a mana boosting elemental link. She just covers more strategies so I opted for versatility.

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Adding a poll for others to weigh in as I’m just one opinion

  • Auoda
  • Devana
  • Joon
  • Leo

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Somewhere someone posted about Devanna, and how absurdly beefy the Dev minions get … seems pretty legit. I’ll see if I can find the link.

I don’t know who Aouna is, so guess I’ll have to look into that. But it’s between Dev and Aou for me anyway :slight_smile:

If you don’t have a 5* dispeller, Devana is arguably worth having for that alone; her minions and slow minion-eating add some nice utility (especially vs minionmancer heroes, and even cleaning up those little Druid thorns).

She’s not a sniper, of course, but in terms of raw smackdown it looks like you have some nice folks around for that already.

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All good points being made, thank you! Is Seshat similar though as she dispels and creates a minion? She does way more damage but her minion is weaker and she doesn’t kill minions. I felt with Aouda the 500 extra for boosted health was nice and her first strike is really strong. Wasn’t sure if Devana serves as a tank with her beefy minion or what her real value would be but see most people are siding with Devana. Is she good in wars? Do you use her in flank position? Thank you!!!

I faced a devana tank that made a minion with 635hp. That is a monster minion… aside from the points stated, she will further be buffed by the end of 2021 as she gets a family bonus… granted we dont know what the bonus will be… it could be a crappy one. :man_shrugging:

I pulled and maxed Devana first and have no regrets. She is one of few holy heroes that dispels, her minions can definitely get beefy, and her elemental link, though recently nerfed, still gives free mana to your team of holy heroes.

I was lucky enough to pull Aouda recently and started leveling her. Funny thing I was working on Joon, but put him on pause since I have a full set of emblems ready for Aouda, and will probably get more utility out of her special (already have two yellow blind heroes maxed, and for some reason run into alotta teams with overheal).

How does Seshat do way more damage?

The damage output of Devanna over 3 heroes is greater than Seshat on one target. Besides which, Seshat’s single hit is actually quite weak for a sniper. And Devanna’s undsipellable minion does a lot more than Seshat’s replicating minions.


I would choose Devana over Aouda myself. With the number of minion makers in the game I think she would be more generally useful. Of course I would gladly welcome the chance to max either one :rofl:

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Since you have some solid multi hitters I would suggest Aouda. She a fast sniper but a big counter to healers like heimdall, prof Lin, Guilli, Wolfgang. I would max Aouda forsure.

I just finally got 6th dart from Holy chest, and it went to devana, who’s been sitting at 3/70 since I pulled her. So my vote is for her.
The minion alone was a winner. Ran her at 4/30 in the serenity trial today, and the 2 minions basically gave her 900+ HP! Also had hiemdall, so at one point she was running with close to 4K HP lol.

Nerfed into oblivion mana boosting elemental link…

I wouldn’t say into oblivion. Still charges an average with level 11 mana troop in 1 turn. I have a team where I run Frosth as the single blue and he fairly often randomly recharges himself. So it may not be as good as before but it certainly has an impact.

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I run both Devana and Malcina in mono teams, so I’ve experienced first hand the “new and improved” mana link. It was of great help before the nerf, it’s fairly useless now. Not 100% useless, but still of neglectable impact.

With Liana. Sartana, Seshat you have already 3 Snipers. What will Aouda do for your team, the others will not?
Devana hits 3 and disspells, in addition her minion will kill all the enemies minions before he makes damage. If xou fight an opponent with minions, Devana will make a lot more damage than Aouda and disspells, you cant gave enough disspellers with all the taunt and riposte heroes.

Good luck, whatever heroe you choose to ascend

If you don’t have a holy sniper I’d go with Aouda. Snipers are a staple in war teams and I think that having at least one in each color is crucial. My First holy 5* was Joon and I used him in almost l every war since then.

As many people said earlier, from the 2 snipers you have, Aouda should be a better choice because of her stats and rouge talent.

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And how about regular joon vs costumed leo? Who gets darts and then emblems?

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