Who gets darts - kara or papyros?

Really stuck on this one - other maxed yellows are
Vivica, leonidas, malosi, hanitra, devana, poseidon, joon, inari, professor lindenbrock

that’s not even a question.



  • Kara
  • Papyros

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I’ve been using Kara for a couple of weeks now and she’s an absolute beast. Being an easier to obtain taunter, she’s invaluable on offense. Especially against those hit all meta heroes. Definitely worth the mats.

Papyros is another Exeera…collecting dust.

There is a reason I call him poopyros…


Papyros summons minions made of paper tissue that inflict sand damage to anybody who hits them, which is meh. Kara on the other hand has taunt that is one of most desired buffs, especially for a flank to purple tank, and has class and passives that make her great in tanking specials. So Kara.

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In my honest opinion focus on Kara first
Currently you can’t have too many taunt heroes for war etc
Whichever hero you choose good luck

So the only downside to maxing Kara is that SG will probably inevitably nerf her before the release of costume BK… ‘for gameplay balance’

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I think anyone who’s played this game for any remotely serious time period can see the nerf coming a mile off. Taunt to 3 turns as a minimum.

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