Who gets compass

So I finally got a compass after about a year and can level up one of my heroes. The heroes in line for the compass are:
Drake Fong, Joon, Elena, Shadereave, Quintus, Gafar, Rigard, Colen.

Do you have the mats to max Drake Fong? If you don’t I would say Rigard as he’s one of the best 4* healer.


Lookout for the farholme pass rare quest. It runs every 5-6 week, one Version gives you compass and d-blade, the next run will give you gloves and Tome of tactics. So this event should give you 4-5 compasses a year. There are calendars here in the Forum available, that gives you the date of these events with an error margin of 5 days.

Happy gaming


I have the mats to max Drake Fong but a healer is never wrong either.

That is good to know. I recently started playing again so will browse the forum for the calendar. Thanks

Agree that if you have the ascension materials, then choosing a 5* that can upgrade your main team - Drake if you have the darts - looks a good play, otherwise, picking the strongest 4* you can is arguably better than being stuck long-term at 3/70 on a 5*.

While Boldtusk is strong, Rigard is more or less gold standard for 4* healing.

If you’re hurting for compasses, it also helps to join an alliance knocking over larger titans

I have joined an alliance but it is a very quiet one with a 5* titan. I prefer small Alliances that don’t use line or discord.

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You should look out for an Alliance hunting 10*+ titans, on this level you can expect 5+ unfarmable 3* ascension mats, and 1+ 4* mats per month if you end in damage class B or better.

Happy titan hunting

I am happy where I am right now.

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That’s fair! In that case, churn your chests (monster, heroes, and of course any elemental) and the Mystic Vision ads as often as is reasonable and fun for you, all of them have a quite small but nonzero chance of compass.

What @Gimliv said about the Farholme quests is a big one, since there aren’t many guaranteed sources. It’s probably generally worth doing the seasonal events (upcoming Santa’s Challenge, for instance) anyway but you may be able to score a compass on one of the levels there as well, and, of course, check the rewards for completing tiers in challenge events — I never really worry much about my ranking, but just finishing an entire run nets you at least decent emblems and may be another chance to score a compass.

Basically, do as many events as you can without going insane and still having fun, hah!


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