Who gets Barbarian emblems? Kageburado vs Gravemaker

I should’ve mentioned that I use GM against Titans and Raid Offense. I currently have Ares as tank.

A lot depends on the rest of your team and, in particular, who you are using as tank. If GM’s your tank (and he certainly is one of the best), then he should get your emblems. If you prefer to run another red, e.g. Santa or Ares, then Kage might be on both offense and defense and so be a better emblem candidate. Or perhaps you like to run a yellow tank with double purple flanks; again, Kageburado would be stronger in this role with emblems.

Either way, you can’t go far wrong – these are both top-shelf heroes.


Thanks for your feedback. One of the guides had Kage listed as a Rogue, which would’ve been a much easier decision. It wasn’t until I got him last night that I realized his actual class. He must’ve been one of the late changes.

Yep, he got re-classed after beta closed but before production release. It was a good call – Barbarian was under-populated with great heroes.

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Defense team:
Who should I spend the emblems on if Magni will be the fighter class in my defense lineup.

It looks to me like your question got merged into a thread with good opinions about Kage vs. GM that are in alignment with what the broader community believes. Were you hoping for something beyond what Kerridoc and Radar1 already said?

Consensus seems to be that GM is the best Barbarian right now. See, for example:

But if you want more, just bump the thread with a post saying something like “can anyone give me more discussion about this?” People are generally happy to chime in if there’s additional help needed.

Oh, you even attention to each and every post unanswered? Thank you for that level of attention. The bottom line is. If the question itself is legit but unanswered, your saying tjat “i have merged you into a good thread” is completely pointless. It only leads to another pointlrss argument that whether it’s truly a good thread as you claim.

I’m not a moderator. I’m just a regular forum user like you. I realize you’re spoiling for a fight, but please try to calm down a bit and look at the situation more clearly.

The post Kerridoc merged you into was 12 days old at the time of the merger. It wasn’t ancient.

The thread actually does discuss your question. If you weren’t happy with the answer in the thread, you could have posted again to bump it. Something like: “No opinions? I’m really hoping someone can help here.” That’s what the rest of us do

The other thing you can do is @ somebody. A lot of us are happy to answer questions. If you ever feel you have a question that isn’t being answered, you can @ one of the moderators and they’ll figure out how to get your question answered.

Or @ one of the regulars. Here’s a good list of people to call on for help (apologies to any one of the many helpful people I’ve left off):


Just ask. If we don’t know, we’ll figure out who does. Please don’t just sit silently feeling upset.


My posts were never directed to you. It’s rathet your choice to choose to reply. I don’t know what makes you think that i am not calm. All I have raised are valid points based on my expetience and speculations though.

To whom was this directed, then, if not to me?

Given your post in the merger thread, I took it upon myself to see if you had an unanswered question and make sure it got some kind of answer. I was feeling bad for you, because feeling ignored sucks.

The sarcastic quip cut my level of sympathy pretty quickly though.

It’s the fact that you’re accusing unpaid volunteers of some nefarious plot whereby they punish people by…making posts a bit less visible, I guess?

If you’re calm and collected and that still makes sense to you as a strategy they would use, I’m not really sure what to say.

Just take a look at all the big complaint threads that HAVEN’T been merged or closed. Like that massive one by Zero2Hero this week. Why would they leave that open if they were the kind of people who punished dissent? They could have just unlisted it instantly, and no one would have known it even existed.

SG has the power to delete your posts and threads outright. They can just ban you from the forum too. They don’t need to play strange games if they’re not happy with you.

Thanks for pulling together the various common threads.

As with others, I had to decide in the context of other classes. If I went with Grave, it would be with the intent of making him my raid defense tank. However, since I currently use Ares, who also is my Paladin recipient, I’ve elected to go with Kage, whom I use on more raid offense than Grave.

So I went with Kage/Ares rather than Grave/Arthur, who would’ve been my Paladin of choice if Ares wasn’t my tank.

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It looks like everyone feels pretty solid about Kage as the top alternate to GM. FWIW, I also have Ares and Kage (but not GM), and so I’ll be going with the same combo you are :slight_smile:

That said, I really see Barbarian’s main ability as only useful on offense. Slash attacks just happen too infrequently on defense for the proc to add much damage.

Like you, wound hasn’t impressed me so I’m not really expecting much from the skill. I’m mainly interested in boosting Kage’s survivability.

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It’s very hard to answer any questions about how a particular player should progress heroes. It depends, among other things, on your hero bench, your troops, your frequency of spending, your ascension mat inventory, your play style, and your alliance’s war tank preference.

As between GM and Kageburado, I’ll give the nod to GM—all other things set aside. But it’s close. I’m still undecided on my strategy in part because I would prefer to have two of each color getting the emblems. Somthen i start looking at Thoth vs. Mitsuko in Sorcerer and Khiona vs. Marjana in Rogue. Etc.

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I’m actually considering 5-3* to Khiona then 5-3* to Marjana, 5*-6 to Khiona, back and forth.

Why does no one seem to consider sharing emblems?

I have Kage and GM in both offense and defense raid teams. Found many members of top 100 alliances with them both in defense, as well. Those players, though, have given all their barbarian emblems to one or thd other while I havs split mine evenly.

Since the wound talent has been shown to be worth two tiles, the attack stat increase is the best part of embleming up.

What do you guys think?

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One thing that I haven’t seen addressed really at all, despite my moderate amount of searching, is the emblem path for GM (or Kage, if you prefer, but I’m personally primarily interested in GM).

From looking over the GM’s in the top 100, it is clear that many are taking disparate paths. Some are clearly taking the attack path, and others are leaning towards a defensive build. This seems true even if I look only at certain positions. That is, looking only at tank, I see no shortage of attack oriented GM’s designed to punish you heavily, as well as defense oriented ones hoping to live longer. Similarly for flank and wing.

Would any of the forum’s luminaries care to share their thoughts on which path they favor? I’m primarily interested in why.

I prefer the attack path as I’ll be pairing him with a mana troop in almost all cases so I’d like the biggest bang for the buck as far as the attack percent goes and it also increases his dot damage, which is what GM is really all about. Attack route also benefits his talent ability (meh) and you have a nice blend of defense and health (especially last 2 picks) picked up along the way for attack route anyway. I have serious doubts that going the health and defense route will even get gm to a place where he’d need an extra tile to kill on defense (vs normal stacking), so why not get the most damage you can before he goes is my thinking.

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I certainly don’t intend to take every hero to +20 before I start another hero. The question is, what’s the cutover point? Arguably +7 is a good stopping point, as the 8th node is very expensive.

GM sits on my defense and is frequently on offense, so I’m likely to move him past +7. I’m using the attack-first plan on him, as he’s not my tank and is already quite bulky.

Using attack centric plan would argue stopping at 3 or 5.

If you placed well in a raid tourney or got a surprising number of barbarian emblems in a chest or just closed out a trial, you might turn to Kage with 65 emblems. This spreads board odds out a bit when next level is reached.

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