Who first- Clarrisa, Heimdall, or Fenrir?

I pulled all three in the past two days. I had only really been pulling at all this month to get Clarrisa, and feared I was going to be skunked - then I got her, and the other two! So given limits on how many I can amass to feed any of them (tho I do have about 790 in extra slow, they will all be ready in two months lol) So now with an embarrassment of riches, which one to focus on?

For context, I have Telluria, Vela, and Seshat fully ascended, red am working on finishing Tyr (also have JF in 3rd level 20’s)

U can strip off ranvir.

The one u might choose only between heimdall or clarissa.

Heimdall reviving ability is unique. And also he will counter hp reduction which is major theme of current valhalla summon

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My mistake I just fixed the post. I meant blue fenrir, not gold Ranvir, who I have and have sitting at 3-70, as I’m pretty underwhelmed by him. And thanks for your thoughts, mogul, good point.

In my honest opinion, I would fully level them all, but I would max out Heimdall first.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Oh I intend .to fully level all 3 jge, my question really is, with all at 1-1, which do start to feed first to level up to 3-70, where I will then hit the accension mat wall. If I try to feed recruits to all 3 equally, it will take forever before any of the three are usable.

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Why not level them at the same time by feeding them same-colored heroes, unless you are strapped with either or both Damascus Blade and Tome of Tactics. Doing so will be food efficient. However, if you want anyone from the 3 very decently usable at 3/70, that would be Heimdall as his healing and health boost and revive and attack buff is usable at 3/70.


Thanks. In the absence of a clear indication to do otherwise, I’ve been doing precisely that, and have gotten all 3 close to level 2 ascension (big wow - but, baby steps is a way to get there) But ascension mats? I have NO tomes and need umpteen! Have Ariel waiting to ascend to level 4 for awhile, but need one more telescope plus one tome - and I have probably 5 other good 5*, off the top of my head, waiting on that stupid book!

It depends on your needs. I’m always looking to add fast attackers to my war attack teams. You already have Telluria who is at least an equal to Heimdall as a green tank. I have Clarissa maxed and am thoroughly enjoying using her in raids, war, and season 3 hard levels. I don’t have GM so Clarissa was a priority for me. I don’t have Fenrir, but if I did, I would probably level my Master Lepus first because I have JF who can offset the defensive debuff and Master Lepus hits 3 targets very hard as a fast hero.

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if you get all of them to 3-70, then you can play with them even in war or high levels of the map to see which one works best for what you have and your playing style. I alway feed like tiles to the like hero. Admittedly it a little shower but how much of a hurry are you in to make the wrong choice.

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You make a point I had not thought of. I don’t have lepus, but I do have Jack O’Hare, his 4* version, who is at probably 1/1. However I’ve been using him on daily challenges and 8/7 farming along with some other untouched, and even at 1/1 he is impressive. And I do have JF. Now my game decisions are even more complicated, lol!

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