Who Fires First? Li Xiu or Wu Kong

For months, in both war and raids, I’ve always fired Li Xiu before Wu Kong. The idea being I want her to hit every target and not miss.

During Morlovia this year I found myself using both Li and Wu together, and since Pumpkin enemies don’t have mana to reduce, I experimented with firing Wu first. I was really impressed at how much damage her special does (when it hits) when she is buffed by Wu.

Now I’m considering firing Wu before Li elsewhere, but it may be situational: i.e. if it’s early in a raid and the enemy is at close to full health with low mana, I will fire Li first to do heavy damage to as many as possible. If it’s late in the fight and only a few enemies with high mana, I’ll want to make sure she controls that and doesn’t miss.

How does everyone else approach this?

ETA This will soon be of double importance as I already have two maxed Wus and will soon have two maxed Lis.

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If the enemies have a dangerous level of mana charge, I always fire Li before Wu. If the enemies have already great HP advantage, I always fire Wu before Li.


Every AoE shine with Wu kong much more then single target dealers, and quite more of splash.
So generally speaking, fire Wu first would almost be the best solution.

In Li Xiu case, there may be some situations where rather then damage you mainly want her mana cut to stop the opponent.
In those cases of course adding a chance to miss is not what you really want, so firing Wu first could be a risk.

On defence, expecially on dark restricted raid tournament, you should build your team with the goal to let Wu fire before Xiu.


Imo, like it has already been stated, if enemy mana is pretty high and maybe a turn or two away from firing, then cast Li first. If the mana is at a comfortable level and you just want raw damage, then do Wu first.


Thank you everyone for your feedback and for reinforcing my instincts.

And in the question of who fired first, Han Solo or Greedo, we all know that Han Shot First. :rofl:

Wu works well with any AoE hero. You can expect on average 3+ hits with an 85% boost, which works out ON AVERAGE to be more than hitting all 5 with no boost. It’s the same as with gems. Multiple hits give a higher percentage of not missing.

Snipers should never fire after Wu because they only hit once and you don’t want them to miss.

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