Who do you struggle with the most?

When I first started this game I hated seeing Colen as a tank opposing me in a raid. I still don’t like seeing him or any other the other fire based heroes. I stay around 1700-1800 cups so that’s why I haven’t mentioned the higher power heroes. Another one is Kashrek, it seems I can’t kill him in a raid so I just pass. In an alliance war I always cringe when I see a team with Rigard on the far left or right. Kiril too for that matter. When they’re positioned outside the tile damage never seems to get to them. Now I’m marching through the hard mode on season 2 and the Stegosaurian is wiping my folks out. I was just wondering who else struggles with some of these or other heroes and enemies.


Gravemaker and Guin but I’d say that’s pretty common in Diamond. Unless you start with a good board you’re probably gonna have a bad time.

Colen/Kash were big annoyances in the lower ranks, Boril/Cyprian were up there too.

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All of what you say here sounds very familiar, but it does get better. Kashrek is no more than an annoyance now, and once you have your own maxed Rigard, Colen is a lot less scary.

I’m not to the point of seeing many Guin tanks yet (2200-2300 cups), but after the buff, I’ve found Aegir tanks to be very nasty.

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Since I attack mostly with 4* I hate Kage. Usually he fires and one of my heros is missing. :unamused:


Kunchen tanks

20 rerolls


Kunchen tanks too because I don’t have good yellows to stack.
Guin as well, maybe it’s a bit easier to beat her now thanks to Seshat but 1) you still need purple tiles, 2) my Seshat is still to squishy at 3.70.


If have a Boril or Cyprian, those Stegosuaruses are toast.

The stegosaurians have made me rethink what team I’m heading into battle with. I don’t have a leveled Boril or Cyprian so that option is off the table for me.

Azlar followed by Alberich and Mother North.

Not that I have trouble taking them down, but of these they are my biggest distraction that often times draws my focus as the mana bar increases, raising the likelihood of committing an error.

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I built a Guin hunting team last fall so she doesn’t bother me, and Kunchen can be frustrating but he’s manageable even w a poor board. Twin Gravies or Twin Kages w either Alby or North make me pause, and for some reason lately I’ve gotten bad boards around Justice - who is slow so usually not a worry but when she fires… she’s the worst.

Any fast hitter, placed tank or flank, usually cause me lots of trouble. Marjana, Sartana, Joon, even Elkanen. With a 3-2 team of emblemed 4*, if the board is average, they fire before i do and trouble begins.

Drake, though, is my kryptonite. That stupid ninja, even with Rigard in my line-up is an absolute PITA!


The trick to beating Kash is do NOT take reds in after him


Omg I can’t even beat that guy when he’s on tier 3! :cry:

color stack at least 3 or 4 of the strong color to his flank

@Rohn thanks I will try this ASAP! :heart:

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If she fires and my board is sub par… I just flee. The heal plus minions is just too aggravating.

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Kashhrek is still a pain to me, but I don’t even have a fully leveled 4* team yet, so I’m still low in rank. I stack purple and use Gafar to mitigate his heal.

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I hate Ursena tanks, even with decent boards and stacking holy heroes, if you don’t kill her before her special is activated. say goodbye to your raiding team as your holy heroes cant use any of their skills except Viv’s, Del, Inari, Wu (my holy team is composed of Albe-Drake-Onatel-Joon all maxed and emblemed and 3/70 Viv). It is akin to being silenced like the skill of Peters. Without you hitting them with your skills, she and the rest of her gang will decimate you.

Just almost 2 months ago, I raided Ursena tanks but not using my holy or dark team and usually won 90% of the time. Even with that odds and by reason of familiarity, I forgot to avoid using my holy team when facing her. For that, I hate her.

Same, at least til I get Joon (don’t know why he has been eluding me.)

But currently just raid mono purple for my chest, so I reroll all purple tanks.

Don’t stack yellows at Úrsula

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