Who do i spend my resources on? Onetal vs. Vivica , Kunchen vs. Sartana

I have a few 5* cards waiting for the final ascension and I don’t know which to choose to give the rare materials to
Onetal or Vivica
Kunchen or Sartana
Ariel, Isarnia or Alice
Evelyn, Kadilen, or The Hatter
I currently have Zimkitha fully leveled as my tank.

Does anyone have some advice for me?

Hi dude.
That is a tough bunch of choices.

Kinda depends on your gameplay.
This might be your only rainbow 5* team for some time.

Do you like playing with 0, 1, or 2 healers?
You aiming for raiding, wars, titans, events, or what?

Without knowing this, how can we advise you?

What I CAN do is tell you what I’d do and why.

I’d level for this team, from L 2 R;
Onatel-yellow hitter. Takes skill to use her.
Sartana-because Sartana.
Ariel- best of those healers, cos of mana boost.
Zim-decent hero, atk buff n cleanses team.
Hatter-looks like a lot of fun.

Now if you were majoring on titans, I’d choose
Alice for hit n debuff
Kunchen for def down
Eve for elemental def down.

Just some initial thoughts. There may be things I’ve missed.

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Yeah tough choice, and I will give a somewhat unpopular opinion…

For your first rainbow team the most vanilla is often the best.

My reasoning is that damage is useful vs every opponent in every situation. The hatter is fun but in some situations he is weaker than almost every 4.

Also try to make sure you don’t double up on 1 class on your first rainbow team so you can use all emblems!

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Very true about vanilla heroes.
(5* tc)

However, out of Kadilen, Hatter and Eve, I’d take Eve to 3/70 because her debuff is not hero level based, and Hatter to 4/80. Not Kadilen, who is one of the less good vanilla heroes.

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Agreed kadilen is useless though Evelyn is a beast when colour stacking in raids and for blue titans.

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Yeah, true dat.
But as she’s good for stacking, might not be a great choice for first maxed 5* hero. Maybe the op has good 4* green hitters, who knows?

All choice depends ultimately on his current teams, game style, and aims.

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I am jealous of op as it took me so long to finally land a 5* healer - 16th 5 I landed was kunchen (at level 52, been playing over 18 months). About half those 5s are from tc20 and many are double ups (only have 3 non-vanilla and 5 duplicates) though I have been lucky with my first 5 (and all double-ups) being mostly the high end snipers which are always useful in wars etc.

Whoever op chooses he has a good future once he can get more mats and have 2 of each colour!

My apologies for not providing more information originally.
Currently I use a rainbow team for all aspects of the game except Titans. I color stack for Titans.
I use Sartana 3/70, Onatel 3/70, Zimkitha 4/80, Evelyn 3/70, Kiril 4/70 talent grid 3
I do have other 4* heros at 4/70 including Cyprian, Hu Tao, Sonya, and Gormek
I have Kunchen 3/1, Vivica 3/1, Isarnia 3/26, Hatter 3/42, Marjana 3/1, Domitia 2/49, Alice 2/47 Azlar 2/52
Mok-Arr, Magni, Obakan, Ariel not very far along.
My thinking was I was going to take Kunchen, Vivica, Ariel, Kadilen all the way for my 5* rainbow team. 3 healers, kadilens special defense and kimkitha to dispel allies. Thinking this would be a great raid defense and war defense team?
But for attacks I was thinking Sartana,Evelyn, Isarnia would be good
So much to think about

As you get up the cup ladder you will need attack as well as defence for your defence team or players will just pick off each of your team 1 by 1 after powering up a couple of specials. 2 healers might be ok but 3 is too many generally - I personally would just use 1.

Taking class into account I might go with in order left to right for rainbow def:


Once they are all maxed. This gives you a pretty nice mix of buff debuff, snipe and multi hit.

You could do a swap and have vivica instead of onatel and sartana instead of kunchen in which case you would swap the order.

You could also swap Alice for magni either in combination with the other swap or on its own and you would still not be doubling up in any class.

I am not saying I am an expert but that is what I would go.

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We have a lot of these:

If you don’t see yourself getting Joon - Onatel is great; but needs to be balanced with some fast hitters. I’m not a fan of Vivica. Practice with her - she,s worth her weight in gold once she gets going.

Sartana - no contest. Kunchen is a great drop in, but the slow healing will hurt in the short term. Plus - you have Ariel… plus She’ll give you speed with Onatel and Ariel.

Ariel - period…she’s Rigard with a buff that makes every other card better, often. I love Alice and her buff… but she dies a lot at 3.xx. Good balanced card.

Isarnia is great - but if you get a Wilbur, she’s a lot less useful day to day. Willy is basically a mashup of 3 cards…and only takes 4 knives.

Evelyn - she’s an amazing workhorse , dispels buffs (which is harder to find) and holds her own well. Kadilen is good on defense, but she doesn’t hit hard enough. Hatter is a solid card, but is a bit unpredictable — I’d suggest strength over utility, do him next.

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I had exactly the same problem and went for Vivica straight and will follow up with Sartana once I have one more tabard and damascus blade. I was considering Kunchen for healer tank, but decided to go with other setup. For me Sartana is top sniper for purple and healers I can get other ones than Kunchen (even Rigard with emblems is great choice for purple healer).

Onatel is great and will be my second holy to go full, but in my current situation I decided to do Vivica first. In your situation with Ariel already in the deck I would probably skip Vivica though and focus on Ariel as main healer.

So in your situation I would go for Sartana, Onatel and Ariel as main healer.

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The one down side of Ariel with your choices is she is a cleric as its kunchen and vivica… if you then take onatel and sartana they are both wizards. If you don’t care about your rainbow team being unique classes so you can give them all emblems then I would also go Ariel as your healer.

Some good advice on here.
You’ll figure it out.

(Ariel, Ariel!) And a bunch of hitters.

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Thank you everyone. I think I know which direction to go now.

Onatel, Sartana, either Ariel or Alice depending on your needs, Evelyn

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