Who do I report a fault to- Crashing app caused missing hero

1 of my alliance members used to have a 5 star hero who she had been levelling up frantically. She managed to get him to level 58 on the 3rd ascention. I know that she had this hero in her favourites.
She had just fed 10 heroes to him and the game turned itself off while it updated. When she went to the map to play a province level, her team selection came up and her 5 star hero had vanished. Obviously she pressed back and went directly to her hero list only to find that this particular hero had gone, vanished.
She turned her game off and back on again to see if that would reset anything but when she checked again the hero was still missing.

Can you please tell me who she should complain to and what she needs to do to get a reasonable and fair solution to this problem.
What information will she need to provide to prove that the game is actually hers and nobody else’s.
Thank you.

She needs to contact support by pressing the support button in game. That takes the support page where the link for submitting tickets is on bottom of every faq

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Submit a ticket through the app…You did good to submit something here I guess. Now, realistically, good luck bud. Help support is actually of no help from what I can tell…

The only ones who can help her are Game Support. She will need to contact them directly:


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Thank you everyone for your replies. I believe she has done that already and unfortunately nobody has responded to her complaint however I will tell her to it again and again. Thanks guys.

If she has reported, once is sufficient:

  • requests are answered in the order they are received
  • multiple requests on the same item only delays her request being answered.

Alas, sometimes the answer is just to wait. :confused:

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Does support work 24/7 ? Or are they free at Finnish times? And are they working in weekends?
Otherwise first possible answer will come on Monday…

I believe it’s Monday - Friday, Finnish time. :wink:

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