Who do I ascend for yellow and purple?

I am in a predicament… I have almost enough darts, and tabards to ascend another yellow & another purple.

My available heroes for those 2 colors are:
Yellow: Justice
Purple: Marie Therese, Grimble

My already maxed 5* of those 2 colors are:
Yellow: Inari
Purple: Sartana

For yellow… do I ascend Justice, or wait for Joon (hopefully…) from TC20?

For purple: Which one should I ascend?? Or should I ascend neither and save the material for better heros hopefully… Advice will be appreciated

This would be based on how many pulls you do per month. If quite a few, you can wait.

Except for the Joon Scenario, which I am 100% banking on TC20… Assume I do <10 pulls a month

I would ascend Justice only if I needed a tank, besides that, I would wait for someone stronger.


Justice only if you need a tank. Inari would work for offense.

I think I d wait on purple as well. Grimble and MT are luxurious, curiosity and situational heroes, not those heroes that you get a lot of use out. Keep upgrading your other 4 * heroes for not until you get more common, everyday 5 star heroes.
5 * mats are really hard to get, and 5* heroes are hard to level, so you have to be really judicial with whom you choose to level.
Can you send a screen shot of you 4 star bench? Let see if you have some buried treasure that we can help you with.

I’d wait. I’m sure you have some 4s on your bench that you can work on while you wait… that would benefit you in more ways than the options listed.

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A second on waiting. My personal strategy is to wait to ascend the less desirable heroes until I have enough mats in reserve to level a hero if I pull a good one. For example, if I had 12 darts, good chance I do justice. Otherwise, I’d probably wait.

That said, if you have a full team of 30 for war, and really want to, level one of them up, do it, enjoy it, and don’t look back! Especially if they’ll get emblems!

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Who’s your current tank? Would Justice be an improvement there? If not wait.

For purple, what are the chances you will pull a better one? In TC20 you have Domitia, Quintus, or Obakan. You can hope for better from Atlantis (Kage, Ursena) but odds are worse there. Other than Domitia, you may not be expecting anything better unless you vastly increase your summons quantity. So … given the choices I’d probably lean towards Marie-Therese. You can never have too many healers (IMHO), and minion eaters are not a must-have in the game yet.

I’d wait until after Atlantis.

If not, for purple, Marie-Therese is a very powerful hero. I would ascend her if nothing else comes around in Atlantis.

As for Justife, he can be a decent tank. If you don’t have another tank, he’s worth maxing.

I wouldn’t want to run two slow heroes though. That’s the main case for waiting a bit.

As for Grimble, I think he’s going to be an essential hero with all of these new minion heroes coming out. The first thing he does is remove all enemy minions and then hits all enemies. He is a couple months from reaching his full potential, but he is going to be a must have hero because there are a lot of new minion summoners that just came out and will be coming out soon.

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