Who didn't hit on titan

I would like to see a easy way to spot who didn’t hit the titan. Now you see 29 that hited the titan. But who is missing? Would be great if the members that haven’t been hitting could get a different color or something that make them easier to spot. Now I need to go true all my members nick’s to spot them. Takes allot of time. Thnx.

You already can:

  • by comparing alliance members with the titan’s damaga ledder (while the titan it is still alive)
  • by watching who scored 0 on the titan’s damage report when the titan is defeated/or the time is over
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I would like to see it before the titan dies. Just so I can tell my members to hit, now I need to look up all my members before I can remind them to hit. And that takes a lot of time for me. 30 members and one haven’t been hitting. And this was just a idea from me… :wink:

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I’ve already proposed this too: just show inactive players at the bottom of a Titan Top Attackers with zero score. In the same way it is done for Top Attackers in AW.


absolutely! that is a great suggestion!