Who deserves my mats?

Let’s play a little game, and see if I can get some more opinions that I can hem and haw about. :wink:

PURPLE: Obakan or Quintus? I have 5 Tabards, and Trap Tools aren’t a concern…
I have Kunchen maxed, so Quintus could be devastating if I can get them both charged up in the right order. Obakan seems to have some value, too. OR… do I bring them both to 3-70 and just wait for Sartana or some other purple?
Also notable: My attacks on Yellow titans are woefully inadequate, because my best purple lineup right now is Wu Kong, Proteus, Kunchen, Tiburtus, and Proteus 3-60. :frowning:

BLUE: Thorne - I have 6 Scopes, and I’m short one Cape (7)…
It looks like he hits like a truck now, right? Unless I’m calculating things wrong, it looks like he hits harder than Frida and Hatter, who both hit very hard in the “Near” category. Factor in that I have maxed Frida and Grimm, and it seems that Thorne is a no-brainer for me. I have the mats, and should have no regrets in spending them - can anyone convince me that I’m wrong? Should I wait for a different Blue 5* instead?

GREEN: I have ZERO tonics…
Margaret or Horghall? This is a more long-term decision, since the tonics are far away. But I have Lianna maxed, and Hatter at 4-30 and rising; the plan is to ascend 3-60 Little John next.

That’s it… I’m all set in Yellow (Joon, no brainer) and Red (still no 5*, and I’m leveling Wilbur & G.Falcon).

I appreciate any input that anyone cares to offer. :slight_smile:

EDIT: In case it helps, here is my current raid defense - I’m happy with Lianna-Frida-Kunchen… looking to replace Li Xiu and Colen eventually.

Good gaming!

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Thorne is mediocre at best but maybe worth it in combination with Frida an grimm. Magni or Richard would be better options though. Since tabbards are rare to come by maybe you should consider waiting for sartana since both obakan and Quintus are not great. You’ll surely get sartana as soon as you max quintus or obakan :slight_smile:


It’s no longer v19. Thorne is indeed a decent hero now, his skill is no longer the weak joke it used to be. Well, he’s no Magni or Lianna, but he’s decent now. Frida -> Thorne sounds like a nice combo.

I can see the appeal of Kunchen -> Quintus but unlike Thorne I don’t think Quintus is well built to take hits. Kunchen will probably be fine but Quintus… he might clock out before he gets a chance to fire on offense. This would probably work better on map levels though.


I would say on your purple front, if you are that impatient and do not want to wait for Sartana, then go with Obakan. And yes i am a big fan of counter attack. On Nature, if you are short on tanks and do not get any better ones anytime soon, then go with Horghall. Ice, I would honestly wait for either Magni, or Richard.


@Cliarh and @DaveCozy, my thinking on Thorne is this: Frida+6 hits first, applying -IceDef penalty to three; followup with Grimm+18, who packs a big punch to the same three, and applies a standard -Def on top; then lastly, come in with Thorne, hit the same three… and he ought to do just RIDICULOUS damage with both the -IceDef and -Def in place, right? What can survive that? (Plus, all three are Average speed, so should charge at the same time, barring unusual circumstances.)

@Aunty_Krauser, I’m willing to wait for Sartana. I realize with RNG being what it is, I could be waiting a long time. But who knows, I do some 10-pulls from Atlantis now and then, maybe someone like Kage will fall into my lap. A man can dream, can’t he? :wink: Maybe with Obakan and Quintus both being kind of “Eh, they’re OK”… it won’t hurt to leave them at 3-70 for a while.

Also, I edited my top post to include my current Raid Defense, in case it helps. Essentially, I can’t see replacing Kunchen with anyone else in the middle, but I have openings for Yellow and Red. I’m thinking Joon might swap in at some point (he’s on track for max in, oh… a month or two. :wink: ), but I don’t currently have a Red 5* to replace Colen.

Thanks for the input, everyone!


Yeah, if they all survive to charge their skills, that will hurt a lot. Barring any damage share or minions or resistances.

And yeah, I totally think Thorne’s good now, and not a bad ascension choice. He still gets treated harshly around these forums, I mean I know he’s no Magni but he’s actually good now.

I’ve been hit with his Icecold finisher one too many times now during v20 and beyond, enough times I’ve ignored him when facing teams with him… only to lose a hero to his special skill. I know he’s not a joke anymore :slight_smile: (although Frida > Thorne obviously for defence)

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Frida dispels on the three targets she hits, so damage-sharing and buffs go away before Grimm & Thorne would hit. :slight_smile: That’s why I feel like it is a killer combo. I do quite a bit of 3-stack as it is, so I’m not averse to the times when it doesn’t work out and I don’t get a sniff of blue tiles, but when it works… I think it’ll really work.

Gravemaker… I’m looking at you. We may be on fire, but you’re going to an icy grave! :wink:

I’d suggest you to keep your mats. Something good will eventually come, and you will be ready then.

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What it really boils down to, is how often you summon. If you do your fair share of pulls each month I’d wait. If you don’t summon often, then ascend what you have. Better to use what you have than to hold mats for what you may never have.


Purple: They are both so bad I would wait until I had 10 tabards before I make any decision. Those two and Thoth are the worst purple heroes and I would ascend Thoth before them if I had Panther maxed. Kunchen and Quintus could be fun when it actually works but without someone like Alberich this team won’t exactly have over 90% win rate.

Blue: With Frida maxed I would actually ascend Thorne. If you didn’t have Frida it would have been same advice as above. The big plus in this case is Average instead of Slow and he really should be alive to fire. It’s Grimm that may not always be alive but at least he will have the debuff from Frida.

Green: Wait an eternity here, like 14 tonics :stuck_out_tongue: Those along with Atomos are terrible. Hope for a buff to Margaret.

Good luck with your draws and may TC 20 be kind to you.


In my honest opinion, I would max out Thorne. He is good.
Now purple - not the best heroes but Quintus with a defence down hero like Gormek or Tiburtus can work really well. It depends what heroes you face. Also not sure if you want to work with what you have, or wait and wait some more for something better.
Green - I would wait until something better came my way lol


I dont have Thorne but I think most people think his biggest flaw is his low attack stat (638). After his buff I guess he still might hit like a truck tho


But in your current blue stack after Frida and Grimm…

I use Kiril Frida and Grimm stack and its crazy


I don’t have Thorne but have been hit by his special several times and agree that he hits like a truck now. Combined with his durability, I’m actually surprised people still hate him so much. I do have a max Quintus and can say that he’s not very good, even with the Kunchen debuff. I would save your tabards for a couple months, personally, and see if you get lucky.


@Fizban Yeah, if I had Kunchen then he would be my permanent tank. If you do get anymore 4 star reds, a couple possible replacements could be Sumitomo or Boldtusk.

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image Do you have Kiril?

I run Kiril -> Frida -> Grimm and once they go off the enemy usually has 2 heroes left.

Charging their tiles kills the tank then they take out one side or the other.

Kiril is quite a bit easier to level than Thorne and putting defensive emblems on him keeps him alive (and Grimm too)

I’d be reluctant to spend scopes on Thorne. There are so many blue heroes better than him. Kiril gives you an attack buff and a heal. He’s my solution anyway


I do have Kiril at 4-70, but all of my Wizard emblems have gone to Proteus (+19), and I’ve been saving the next batch for… Proteus #2. :slight_smile: And after that? Well… Proteus #3, of course. :wink: I had the good fortune to draw three of him, and he’s been worth every emblem so far, and I find myself wanting to another emblemed one for extra use in wars.

By contrast, Kiril is already pretty sturdy as he is. And while Proteus’s special doesn’t benefit from Jinx, neither does Kiril’s, and I don’t really bring either of them for their tile damage (though each has a pretty good attack stat). Compounding this issue is… I have a Purple mana troop, but no Blue mana troop - so my Proteuses… Protei…? Proteusse? They have the potential to get to 9 tiles with emblems (so close, Lvl 16 troop!), and I’ve pretty much settled on that.

Whew! Long-winded much, Fizban?

Anyway, since I have Kunchen maxed, I typically bring him along to most everything, so he does the heavy lifting in raids when it comes to heals.

I usually don’t mono stack, I find that I will most often do 2-2-1, sometimes 3-2, and rarely 3-1-1. These just work better for how I play (and how I get frustrated). :wink: Another reason is because I don’t have a whole lot of troop support; only two 4* blue troops, and the rest 3*.

Anyway, that was the really long way of saying… I have Kiril, but I’ve not found him to be a crucial element to my success. But it does give me something to think about… I could use the extra Wizard emblems now instead of hoarding them for some future day when I get around to maxing Proteus #2 (currently at 3-60).

Good gaming!


among your choices, it’s only Margaret I have experience with. she’s niche and great on (some) offense, including versus Titans and against sniper-heavy teams, and as part of a Green stack. i don’t think she has a place on a defense though.

I hold more cups with Jack O’Hare on defense than I did with Margaret (I run a rainbow with Sabina, Gormek, Kiril and Inari).


In your position I’d not be considering Kiril in a vacuum - but rather Kiril + the eventual better blue hero the scopes would be able to be dedicated to by leveling/using Kiril/Frida/Grimm as your 3 stack in the short term. You also have to add in whatever 5star of another colour gets the resource difference saved from not leveling Thorne.

That’s a fairly sizeable overall team power bump in the medium term for the sacrifice of Thorne… regarded widely as one of the most meh five stars in the game


try Thorne at 3.70. I also run Frida almost finished Grimm +14 Triton +14, and I really want Richard or even Thorne, cos sniper sometimes isnt enough. And I have Kirill, but 3 hitters are much better in that blue stack.

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If you could spare a scope I think I deserve it!! I give to the poor, stopped kicking puppies, help old women across the street and will even hold the door for you if you are behind me at the supermarket!! Yes, I know, I’m basically a saint!!! So that’s why I deserve your mats the most!!!


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