Who deserves fine gloves

I have one pair of fine gloves to give to a 4* hero. Who is most deserving: Danzaburo, Agwe, Captain of Diamonds, Sumitomo, or Sir Lancelot? I’m leaning Sumitomo or Danzaburo. I already have 2 of each color 4* fully maxed before using it on any of these characters.

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The best heroes of that bunch imo are Danzaburo and Sir Lancelot. That said…

It depends on the classes you’re weak on at this point. I’d go for whoever will help you most in class quests that you currently don’t have many heroes for.

Sir Lancelot is much better than Sumitomo in terms of fighters. Easy choice here imo; Lancelot has higher attack and a better support skill that affects three heroes instead of one.

Agwe is mediocre. However, his green elemental shield does help in those cleric class quests, since they’re green enemy heavy.

C. of Diamonds is good at destroying minions. However being a Paladin sadly makes his skill less useful in those class quests.

Danzaburo for a rogue, as I said he’s the other better choice here. His special can be a waste 1/3 times, but the other 2/3 times he does something good.


Thanks, @DaveCozy. I hadn’t thought about it in terms of classes. I’m not strong in any class, but after I finish with Caedmon and Boldtusk in the next week I’ll have at least one emblemed 4* in every class but paladin (emblems on Gunnar right now). Either way I’m taking them all to 3:60 where they will definitely help in the class quests.

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I would go Sir Lancelot, Captain Diamonds is fast and his regular tile damage is nice too, if you face a lot of minions definitely him, Sumitomo is decent I haven’t maxed him out yet so I don’t know his full potential yet he’s on the last tier and was a champ for this past class we had for barbarians, Agwe if you need AOE (right?)because he hits everyone, Danzaboro if you like that gamble of maybe good, maybe not or if you need that color or class he’s in. I would go Sir Lancelot though

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Of the 5 you have listed, Lance is the best

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