Who deserves Damascus blade?

Good morning E&P community. I was lucky enough to get couple 5* in the recent event and one of them is Guin. She is on her way to 3/70 and I am considering her as my future tank. I also have Aegir sitting nicely at 3/70 and waiting patiently for Damascus blade. Question is who would you rather have as your tank or which of two you hate fighting against?


But also depends on your roster and what color your alliance uses at war tank

Guin to me is typically an end game hero and not someone I’d rush to max unless your alliance uses yellow tanks


Guin is probably the most common tank in High Diamond. No question - max her and run her as your tank. You may not ever have to replace her as she’s widely regarded as OP and SG has been trying to balance the game around her for over a year. Seshat was built specifically because of Guin.

Aegir is improved after his rebalance but I and most decent war strikers enjoy when we get to beat up teams running him as tank - he doesn’t hit back. Tanks that don’t hit back let me pump tiles into them to swing a bad board in my favour.


We use yellow a lot actually. Can’t remember if we ever used blue :joy: I do have a good selection of 5* which are maxed and got lucky with getting new heroes that are decent. Aegir is in my rooster for quite some time and few times I choose to max others over him so guess he wouldn’t mind if I did it again :joy:


If i was to max aegir, it would be for offense, not defense

But that’s just me.


Halifax I do agree with you and I also like to use his special to work against the whole team! No defence team will guarantee you a diamond forever but guess all I need is 2 Damascus blades and can see what works for me :slight_smile: thanks so much for your reply :slight_smile:

In my honest opinion it has to be Guin - 100%

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Guin of course if you are looking for a very solid tank.

I’d choose depending on 1. alliance war tank color and 2. your flanking options. Both can be good tanks, both will punish a bad board and both are dispellable…

guin for sure. Your alliance today, may not be your alliance tomorrow.

I hate fighting guin. I don’t have a good team set up for her.

Aegir is almost an automatic win for me tho

Guin first but both are worth your blades

Well it is still a bit of journey for my Guin anyways but think Aegir can wait a bit longer. He looks like an ice age man anyways :joy:

prayers been heard :joy: Guin all the way to the top!!!


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