Who deserve them mats?

Hi. Thanks for reading…
My main team is 3131 TP:

BT -10/4
Grimm - 3/60
Drake - 47/3
Tiburtus - 3/60
Melendor - 4/70

I use this team for everything, Farming, Quests, Raids, Alliance War Defence, Titans (will colour stack only 1 other of opposite element)

They kick ■■■. I’ve slowed down on maxing Drake & BT because i’ve been concentration heavily on my war teams.

wanna grow stronger? need 5* hero’s. want to ascend 5* hero? need mats.

my other 5*'s are Thorne and Quintus. (THERE BOTH ON THE BACK BURNER)

Now, Drake needs 3 darts and he’s good to go. BT was no brainer, and Melendor was my main healer at the time.

The 4*s i have now, which i have been levelling up for war teams:

Sabina - 3/60
Cyprian- (currently levelling)
Regard (x2) -1/1
Boomer - 1/1
Sabina - 1/1

***** Quintus - 2/30

Wu Kong - (currently levelling)
Chao - 3/60
Li Xiu - 1/20

***** Drake -47/3

Kiril - (currently levelling)
Kiril -1/1
Boil (x2) - 1/1
Grimm (x2) - 1/1

Kashhrek - 3/60
Kashhrel (x2) - 1/1
Buddy (x3) - 1/1
Melendor - 1/1

Colin - 3/60
Wilbur - 3/60
Gormek - 3/60
Sumitomo - 1/1
Gormek - 1/1

Thank you if you are still reading…

Now, i have 3 fine gloves, and they took a while to accumulate. My war teams are coming together.
My question is this?

Which of the above mentioned 4* Hero’s should ascend to final tier and why? How will they improve and increase my TP and overall A team gameplay?
Should i bring Thorne & Quintus to tier 3, then hold out for their final mats and then one day have Drake, Thorne & Quintus filly maxed (3 x 5*)? Im aware that by the time i gather those mats, i might get better Ice & Dark hero’s, and am leaning that way.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Thorne and Quints has slow mana but i do like that he hits all enemies.

Im aware i have 2 of the ‘Tripletes’ in my lineup. BT & DRAKE ARE DEF STAYING. Cyprian could replace Tiburtus, Kiril replaces Grimm and is main healer, and Buddy replaces Melendor?

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Rigard, wilbur, kiril. Would stop levelling cyprian. Tiburtus, grimm… At least one of them as a debuffer

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Oh and buddx of course

What about Wu Kong?
Everybody’s raving about him. Is he considered the best Holy 4*?

The best general 4* to significantly increase your damage output during titan fights, if used correctly.

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Assuming you’re doing all the mystic visions, rare quests, etc., the best way to get more ascension mats is to improve the tier of your titan loot. Your goal should be to get to Loot Tier IX or above as often as possible – there’s a big bump up at IX, where you get 3 ascension mats instead of 2, giving you at least a 50% increase in the odds of getting rare mats. (I see “at least” because I’m also quite sure that, as the loot tier increases, the odds of drawing rare mats increase per roll; at IX you get three rolls.)

So how do you get to higher loot tiers?

  1. Fight bigger titans
  2. Do more damage. (top five get an “A”; those doing at least 3.30% of the titan’s HP get a “B”; those doing at least 1.00% get a “C”; others get a “D”)

What does this mean for your hero choices? Optimize for titans first, other roles second. Specifically, you should give mats to:

  • Wu Kong–huge attack buff will have a big positive impact on your titan scores.
  • Wilbur–huge defense debuff on the titan and defense buff on your team. The sharing of damage across the team means the titan can’t one-shot your heroes.
  • Buddy–because you probably don’t want to bring Wilbur against blue titans, and you always want an defense debuff on your titan team. I think Buddy will prove to be a top-5 4* hero.

I’m an evangelist of matched-color training, to wring every last experience point from every feeder I get. That means you’d need projects for your purple and blue feeders. My votes go to:

  • Grimm–Grimm is also an amazingly powerful offense hero, one I used regularly until I got Athena into 4th ascension. I have three max Grimm’s in my roster for wars and events. Kiril is also very good, but you’ve got Boldtusk (and Melendor and Sabina). Your roster would benefit by having some powerful attackers
  • Rigard–Best 4* healer, and the only hero you have that cleanses status ailments. I don’t normally recommend Riposte heroes, but I’m slowly coming around to seeing where a hero like Cyprian isn’t bad to have. But he’s a very situational hero, and needs to take damage to do damage.

Mind blown. Thank you @Kerridoc

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