Who can post the worst wanted chest loot?



And the crap continues. It got so bad this month I asked support about it. After my fourth chest of a couple gems, food and iron I asked what was going on. The lovely answer was loot was random and could not be a fixed number, which of course is a bunch of BS since every other thing in the game has loot that has x number of slots. I was regularly using gems to speed up chests but it is not worth it now. Sounds like I’m not alone either. That combined with continuously not getting all the loot for levels (usually 1 less than the chest shows for last level) is really adding up in loot not given unless you pay for it.

I’m sure it’s not the worst, but I can’t remember the last I got anything meaningful from these stupid chests. 3 gems, a gray token, 2 emblems, 1* trainer hero. I’ve seen worse in this thread, but still, since I’ve been in platinum arena, I’ve not noticed any difference. Not sure why I should struggle to get to diamond. Has anybody noticed any reasonable difference?

My strategy now is to exploit the cup dropping method to at least make it easier to fill these stupid hero chests.

I set up a crappy defense team, and every time somebody wallops me, I take revenge (if possible). Makes it faster and I don’t have to spend 150k on re-rolls for their crappy matchmaking system pitting me against teams I have no chance against.

Save money/time, but obviously not as fun. Would be nice if the difference between loot tiers was better. Then it would be worth the struggle to set up my best defense and climb. Isn’t that the point?

I’ve seen worse in this thread, but still, since I’ve been in platinum arena, I’ve not noticed any difference. Not sure why I should struggle to get to diamond. Has anybody noticed any reasonable difference?

Your assumption is correct, there is no correlation between your Cup Level and loot. You being in Diamond will not change anything as far as loot is concerned.

Why does it display above the loot?

“Raid Arena Loot Tier - PLATINUM”

I am suspicious it doesn’t matter for Monster chest loot, because it leaves the name of the loot tier blank, but for the hero chest, it DOES.

Can anyone confirm this?

That’s a really old post, but, by today’s standards, that’s actually a very good elemental chest :blush:

Raid arena makes nondifference for monster chests. For hero chests loot gets slightly better on higher arenas, but nothing amazing.

I honestly can say that I have never seen a difference between the Hero Chest based on Raid levels. For instance I am normally in Diamond sitting around 2700 cups, but here this last week or so I have thrown a 3* team in as my Defense so that I can more easily fill up my Hero Chest, and subsequently have been down in Platinum. Have seen no difference in what the Chests are producing. Maybe you receive more for the individual raid victory, but if so I don’t imagine it is much of a difference in ham and iron, and what not.

It’s either 1700 cups or mid diamond…

Raid chest loot is random, but the rolls have better ods in higher arenas. That doesn’t mean lower arena loot can’t be better than diamond loot now and then.

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that makes sense. just frustrating that the loot in this game is so horrible. I would probably spend more on gems for hero pulls if I thought I could level them up. Instead, they just rot in my roster at 3/60 because I’m out of fine gloves and haven’t seen any in months.

They’ll always have the whales and wallet warriors who will buy all the deals they can cobble together, but there’s a balance to be found between them and those who are strictly F2P.

The gap doesn’t have to be so wide. Improving loot odds for unfarmable ascension mats would go SUCH a long way. Better yet to have more opportunities to EARN them with quests, challenges, etc. Even top tier challenge events don’t guarantee anything.

If the ascension mats were more prevalent, you’d probably sell more trainer hero packs, etc. The F2P people will stick around and watch the ads, the whales will buy whatever you throw at them, and the people in between are less frustrated and won’t mind spending under the right circumstances.

Balance it out a little better. Sheesh.

If that’s what “elemental chest” has to offer then there’s not much left to say!

What is “Alliance energy flask”? :thinking: Looks like a titan energy flask?

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