Who can post the worst wanted chest loot?

I’ll start. This was a normal 100 monster chest. 1 gem is the highlight :roll_eyes: My iron was already full and I blew a bunch of food on troop upgrades to have room.


This is how they usually look. I don’t even look at what they give unless I hear a ping.


elemental chest - ascension items were both farmable - scabbard and battle manual. 1 daily token. deleted the pic because it was angering me. :slight_smile:

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Dante, that’s not possible. There are always three tokens in elemental chests. And also some other stuff next to two ascension items with three or more stars. Those are facts, that have nothing to do with chances, although the chances to get really good stuff (4* items, golden tokens) from the elemental chests were lowered significantly some time ago without announcing it.

My worst normal chests contained only one item next to ham and iron. Saw this several times.

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maybe it was 3 daily tokens then…who counts because they are awful. Once I saw the two farmable junk and no gold tokens…ugh.

Ham + iron + 1 gem

Oooook :neutral_face:


Maybe we should have a topic for the best chest loot too. Just to keep up the good spirit :rofl:


This was my ice chest from today.


That pretty good chest. 2 rares and alliance flask. I take it any day.

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I’ve gotten this before. My guess is this is the ‘worst’ you can get.

Our Line chat has an album for “REALLY bad rewards”, but the only items it it are for Mystic Vision (which cycles on good and bad, in my experience). :wink:

Last week I got Trap Tools and a 3* Trainer Hero from mystic vision plus a bunch of other stuff in one reward, then the next one was 3 gems and a banner. That one varies widely!

I think 1 banner, 1 gem was the lowest pic we had.

Well I thought the one I posted initially was bad, but this one is actually worse. Back to back monster chests for me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
My karma is coming around, I can feel it!




very funny joke


Yeah, guess worse than this is not possible, because at least one gem we get

Suonatar - that’s awful!

You mean like this? With 3 silver tokens. Lol

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I got one mana potion and 1 gem. That’s my worst. I still took it! :grin:

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They should make Mysic Vision rewards direction proportional to how dumb the ad they are making me watch is.:slightly_smiling_face:


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