Who can I choose best? GM or Poseidon

Please allow me to ask some advice, my current offence team is
Left corner Sabina 3/70 +6
Left flank Guardian Falcon 3/70 +3
Center Kiril 3-70 +3
Right flank Cyprian 3/70 +2
Right Corner Lianna 4/80 +2

I have almost all materials to sent Gravemaker to 4/80 and I have the materials ready for Poseidon to give him the last stage.

What would be your advice?

Gravemaker to take Falcon his place or Poseidon to take Cyprian his place?

Also working on Sartana but she is far away from the last stage…and Sabina is my best healer…

Thanks in advance! Cheers

Gravemaker. Falcon is great, but really in a supporting role. If he’s your top red then I’d look to get him moved out.

Poseidon is excellent as well, and you need a holy, but GM is a gamechanger.

I would work on both. If you’re close on materials then you should have enough by the time they’re ready for them.


Well, I need two more mystique rings. GM is at 3/53 and Poseidon at 3/48.

Said I had the materials but was wrong, need one more poisoned darts also. But getting close.

The biggest ‘problem’ is, to be honest, I have only one Tome of Tactics, that’s the main reason for my question. For some reason the next one takes ages in my case…

Thank you for your advice. Falcon is a sidekick indeed and my best Holy is Jackal at 3/70 +3. So also a sidekick.

Have to say that I’m happy with Cyprian. The Perfect Riposte saved me many times.

I guess if nothing changes on a short notice GM is getting the Tome of Tactics, if the rings are there :slight_smile:

There is going to be another Farholme Pass quest probably about in a month that give you the tome, so just Ascend the one that has the mats first.

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Gravy is more useful overall, and squishy at 3/70. Poseidon is still a useful striker at 3/70 if his special is maxed.

Not a remotely tough call - go Gravy - he’s the meat of your potatoes

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Thanks! About the special, they are for both heroes at the maximum level.

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