Who can give me a knive to start up Jackal? Got 29 :D

As said above… aargh it’s sooooo frustrating to just needing 1 coin to be able to start up Jackal. (Yes, i’m starting up Jackal… looks to me he will be a nightmare for purple titans :smiley: )

I suppose there will be more people just 1 coin away to be able to start up :smiley:

Jackal is my Rogue too. And still needing 3 more coins :sweat:

What the heck is a coin?

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I think they mean emblems.
Also, Jackal is going to be my Rogue as well I think. But mine is stuck at 4/55 until I get my Onatel to 3/70.
Rogue was the emblem my holy chest gave me 30 of.

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