Who can beat me?


And that my friend makes a difference LOL


Omg Jedon. That’s impossible :joy::joy:


Well played sir.
But i see “3 hrs ago” in that tower :face_with_monocle:


How? Did you set 2 heroes defense team?:smile:


Ok you got me here @Elpis … wasn’t 15 minutes :kissing_heart:


Nope not 2 heroes but 3 5☆s :wink:


Still a great performance, good job.

I have the speed record, you have the quantity record, and now we waiting for the curiosity record :face_with_monocle:


I don’t understand why no one wants to attack this team? I’ve had it set to cup drop for over 24 hours!!!
Are they seeing my troops? Which really aren’t that high leveled.


Lol, how’s that? Except if you look at my level of 36!!! Plus, sitting in mid plantinum…


364 cups dropped in 40 minutes is my biggest disaster currently.

I generally hit top 10 in the UK once or twice a week at the moment but given all 3 of my attackers in defence are still 4*'s my visits are always short… I really need some 5* attackers!


Here is the opposite:

I don’t even have to raid to get into Platinum Area :smile:


I can beat you in this too @TripleZero

As I gain more cups than yours :sunglasses:


Who wanna guess who’s my tank?

And what is the odd?


I think you better drag this into

Cause this will be hijacking this thread.


That is impressive I have dropped over 700 in one day but that morning I did posted 2700 + trophy with five star team afterwards I put in my three star team and watch them drop


-371 in 5 minutes :face_with_monocle: