Who bring to last tier? Mitsuko vs Azlar vs Anzogh? Ranvil vs Inari?

Hi all,

I didn’t decide yet who to bring to the last tier? Who are the better 5* overall heroes? Currently I am thinking of Mitsuko and Ranvil.

Thanks in advance.

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Azlar is great for tile damage and rush attack tournaments. I have Azlar and Mitsuko unleveled and plan to max Mitsuko. There are situations where Azlar is better, but overall I think Mitsuko is a better hero. She is also a sorcerer, so not much competition for the emblems.

Do you have Tarlak? If so, definitely Inari. If not, do you have a maxed wu Kong? Ranvir is better, but I’d go for variety. If wu is working well for you, you might not need Ranvir yet. Inari is also same family as Mitsuko, so you get the family bonus if you use them together.

I vote Mitsuko + Inari


Mitsuko, Ranvir. 20 characters

If you are talking about who is better overall, then I will say Mitsuko and Inari.

I’m all about titans and say Mitsuko and Ranvir. Azlar has no place on my titan team and while I have Tarlak you should certainly bring Ranvir against purple titans anyway. I also bring him against red ones. Slight gamble but seems to be higher damage overall (and much higher max score, 161k).

I also prefer offense rather than defense so Ranvir would also be my choice for offensive raids and war attacks. Inari would be the one if you need a yellow in your defensive lineup.

Mitsuko and Ranvir imo.

Ranvir is for the high titan scores as your upgraded Wu Kong.

Mitsuko makes color stacking in wars much easier since she’s strong against green, and reflects offensive blue special skills. She is a serviceable defense tank too.

i think mitsuko in a vacuum, she is probably the most versatile and she will pair well with sorcerer emblems too, not much competition there.
you might consider anzogh but you need good support for him, i talked about this in this thread: Wizard Emblems: Guinevere or Anzogh (or Hel)

i also had ranvir and inari dilemma and although i have wu maxed, i couldn’t resist fast mana, deals damage extras that ranvir brings. his added sturdiness will also help, i can’t even remeber all the times i had to trigger healer prematurely in various settings because precious wu was close to death.

inari should absolutely be next in line (at least it is for me) if you have okay yelolow damage dealer. i have musashi and jackal and they work well enough so not even joon could convince me to level him before inari now.

Thanks all for your help. So I will go for Mitsuko for sure. Regarding Ranvil or Inari: I think I will role a dice.

Just win an auto-play with rainbow team at the last stage of Frostmarch, Mitsuko reflect :laughing:

1 is Ranvir
2 is Inari

@discobot roll 1d2


:game_die: 1

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discobot speaks wisely :wink:

Are you sure? Are you happy with her at 3.70?

i was not happy with her at 3.7. also i was not happy with marjana, magni, isarnia, anzogh etc. at 3.7

every character that depends on percentage of stats will not be really good at 3.7

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Not quite true, I’m pretty happy with Joon, Liana, Hel - all at 3.70. Mitsuko? - quite the opposite. I’d consider spending rings on someone else.

Mitsuko for sure.
Titans: Ranvir
War: Inari
Raids: Inari is the Queen of Raids!
So over all I think Inari has more use. Till you have the mats I think Ranvir works at 3.70 (perhaps with Wilbur)

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