Who best for titans? Killhare, kunchen, chaberwock

Hello everyone,

Which of the three you would consider the best for titans?
Kunchen, chabberwock or Killhare?
I have all and need to decide which one of them to max. Kumchen gives nice defense down and heals, but other two seem similar in terms of tile damage.
Should i go with the highest tile damage or also consider which one could me more useful putside titan and more universal. And if thats the case which one? So difficult choice. For healers i already have emblemed ricardo.

Please help
Thank you!

I have all three and only use Jabberwock vs. Titans.

My team is:
Miki | Costume Rigard | Guardian Panther | Jabberwock | Khiona

I used to use Kunchen in the place of Costume Rigard but… I find I do more damage with Cost Rigard than I did with Kunchen… Plus he’s average speed vs. Kunchen at Slow… Kunchen did have the benefit of the Elemental Link which Rigard doesn’t have so that is also a consideration.

Miki & Guardian Panther are there for obvious reasons.

The remaining two slots I picked the two highest attack stat heroes I own in Purple. Jabberwock has the highest out of himself & Killhare… Plus he doesn’t inflict a negative defence buff…

Universal Use
In terms of overall use, I don’t use Kunchen virtually at all anymore… Not on titans, not in raids and not often in wars (only when facing yellow tanks which are becoming more & more rare).

Killhare I am still maxing but currently is mainly in Wars. I don’t know if she will get a spot on my raid teams as the main 3 I use are Costume Rigard, Panther & Jabberwock.

Jabberwock is my go to purple sniper… Hits really hard & has an undispellable poison damage too… Between the two effects, he’s really good at picking off those wingers in raids.


Thank you! I am hesitating on kunchen for defense down since i dont have panther, so if i dont take him i need to take tibartas which is more squishy. I think tabards are the mats that i most rarely get, so reall want to make sure i give them to the right hero.

I also notice many top player uses Chabberwocky, not that many kunchen or killhare. Or should i wait for the purple gravemaker haha

See what happens :slight_smile:

No harm in taking all to 3-70 and playing around with them to see who works best with your play style.

If you’re just taking Kunchen for healing & defence down, he does that just as well at 3-70 s at 4-80… He only gains survivability in final ascension.

Comparatively Jabber & killhare are both hitters so they gain a lot by maxing them out from 3-70

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