Who becomes leader of an alliance when the leader deleted the game before promoting someone else to leader

Hi, my question is who becomes leader when your alliance leader deletes the game without promoting someone else as leader first

Nobody. If there is a co-leader, they can run the alliance, but the best bet is to form a new alliance


That is one of the long running complaints of people around here. When someone goes inactive as a leader, there is just nothing you can do about it. Best to just try to get everyone’s attention and start a new alliance without the person that abandoned you. It seems like inactive for a certain time period and you should be auto-removed from leadership. SG just completely ignores the utter mess that is alliance recruiting, dead alliances, zombie alliances, and various other problems like that.


Here’s how we did it:



Thank you for all your replies, creating a new alliance is what our team wnd up doing, again, thanks