Who are your "married couples"?

I kind of have a married team at this point. Toxicandra, Milena (or Skadi if fighting minions), Lord Loki, CKirirl, CVanda. I take this team to most raids, has big hitters, cleansers, heal steal, status blocking, defense down, and then Loki typically can clone anything else I am looking for.

But when I do switch from my blue stack, Toxi and CVanda always come with. Great 1/2 support heroes.

Krampus+Morel – Can match the other 3 to the opponent, these 2 do the heavy lifting

C.Marj + Kestrel – Can cripple or wipe out one side of the board

C.Sabina + Wilbur – She blocks the opponents shared dmg, they just get Wilbur’s def down

C.Rigs + Ametrine – Atk up + dispell

These are some of my favorites

Thor + Inari - blind & juke; once Inari charges, the team is full ninja

Frida + Cobalt - pretty standard but still. triple-sniper squad at average speed.

Gefjon + Gefjon - yup, double Gefjon is just so much fun. wuh-PSSSH! wuh-PSSSH!

Grimble + Alfrike - hi Bera, hi Freya. where’s your god now?

C Victor + Clarissa - too bad enemies usually die too fast to enjoy that 3-stack from Victor

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