Who are your "married couples"?

For a bit of fun…

Which heroes in your roster synergise so well together that you rarely pick one without picking the other one as well?

(Talking attacking raids/wars, or PVE… We all know the defensive heroes that perform well together).

I’ll start with a couple of my regular favourites:

  • Puss in Boots and Queen of Hearts - perhaps the ultimate use of Puss’ ability to summon for other heroes, increasing the Queen’s taunt capacity by 100%.

  • Tarlak and Ratatoskr - the huge tiles pair, boosting normal attack, boosting their shared tiles on top of very respectable stata and putting plenty of healing in the mix too.

  • Freya and Delilah - they just dig in like few other combinations do… Freya gets the minions going, increases defence and then Delilah comes along and fills up the HP bar underneath the minion and adds another. As a stalling pair in a 3-1-1 there are far less “bad board” problems.

  • BK and Wilbur - beserk up to high levels almost every time, turning any heavy hitting AoE heroes into screen clearers.


Meant for each other :heart:


Boldtusk and Wilbur


Ariel and Alfrike, faster dark cubes!
JF and Master Lepus, JF stops Lepus from self-harm

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  1. Evelyn and Lianna

Probably the most powerful 1-2 punch combo in the entire game. Not much explanation needed here.

  1. Wilbur and WuKong

This combination is tailored to dish out insane tile damage and AoE attacks. Just stack the remaining three heroes from same color (preferably Red. My team is Bold Tusk, Wilbur, Guardian Falcon, Elena, WuKong)

One can take out opponent teams way above one’s weight class with such tile damage.

  1. Sif and Delilah

This is a pair that rarely fails on raid attacks.

Sif reduces the damage and dishes out riposte.
Delilah heals and adds minions.
Excellent mana synergy too. With Sif’s mana boost going, both become practically fast mana.

Excellent pair. Snipers keep killing themselves and these two stand till the end.

I’m surprised that not many mention this pair on the forum. Anyone who has both of them should try them out on raid team and see them in action.

  1. Isarnia (CB) and Vela

Not the best mana synergy. But once they both go off, the enemy team takes a lot of damage and is quite vulnerable to further attacks.


This is really the crux of this thread…

Seeing what heroes other players see as inseparable gives people hints on how to use their own rosters, or combinations to try out (or indeed, which heroes to consider maxing for strong pairings with heroes you already have).

There’s always a lot of discussion of defensive heroes and combinations, this is a more fun attacking-centered discussion :slight_smile:

Great comment and post, cheers!


Glad to help.

I love trying out new attack strategies. Thank you for starting this thread. This could be a great source for new ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers!! :beers:


Neith and Onatel:

They cover each other’s weaknesses and provide a fantastic mana control.

Brynhild and Hansel:

Bryn gives Hansel a great protection and ensures he fires fast and reliable.

Almur and Fura:

More and more hp cutting, great against heroes like Gullinbursti or Heimdall, also they belong to the same family.

Triton and Kiril/Rigard:

You can choose between making Triton’s punch even more powerful or boosting your healers, just fire their specials in preferred order.


I love the combo of Magni and Athena. He fires first which gives them both more defense. Then she fires and the defense goes down and he is usually halfway to firing again at that point. I use them on my top war team and I normally punch 300 or more above that team.


I’ve been spicing this marriage up with a little ménage à trois…

Wilbur, Wu and Sumle.

And if feeling extra kinky, add in BT’s +48 att and Kiril costume’s -34 opp Def down. :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Seconded, 20-seconded!


Jackal and Malosi, Mist and Drake, Tarlak and Almur.

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Alby+Kingstone +Ariel: mana boosting
Mist+Joon: kicking bottoms
Bk+Margo: are you kidding me?
Bk+Sif: are you kidding me? Volume 2.


Almur+Lianna - they really should marry)))
C.Magni+Lepus - OHKO.

Wasn’t there the one two punch thread? :thinking:
Also valen and gato

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Still early on and not quite maxed with raff yet, but raffaelle and isarnia.

They are slow, but on offense raff is like a mother north type for me. People get low, near death and he resurrects them to good fighting shape. That boost and isarnia’s hammer have made me win several battles that were going nowhere fast.

Mist and Joon.

Weirdly domitia and rigard. One cleans, one dispels And both support other heroes. They are often my 2 in a 3-2 stack.


Not sure, maybe…

I’m not necessarily just talking about one two drop - sure, it fits, but support pairings are just as interesting.

I get what your saying this is a bit different using two hero’s that you always take together as they work well if it attack or defending your squad.
(but you know they don’t like clutter on here :wink:)

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With my limited roster, the only true married couple is Wu-Wilbur. It’s awesome to watch enemies rapidly fall one after another (or all together at once) after a simple cascade. They are my must in the last war flags, when i have no more stacks and have to go rainbow.

Apart from that, i just love some defense down + heavy minion wall, especially when few enemies are left. You just see that life bar disappear under an avalanche of little attacks from those pesty rascals. That’s why i usually pair Santa and Telluria. Moreover, Santa’s attack down makes it hard to even destroy the minions. If only i had Freya, that would make an awesome menage a trois


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