Who are your leveled 4 and 5 star heroes never or very seldom used

I’m intrigued by this as she doesn’t get much love for being slow. But I have had a play with her at 2/60 with heroes her own level but I have a weird feeling that the moment I decide to invest in Bertila, I will finally get a Lianna. :thinking:

I use Wu Kong+18, wilbur, and Jott only for some Titans and lower levels NT and ToL.
Only used in ToL and NT are Agwe and my second costumed Li Xiu, Hu Tao will join them soon.

Or worse… you invest in Bertilla, get Lianna, and then pull Heimdall or Frigg.

I now have both Lianna and Heimdall waiting on tonics. I had just recently ascended Zeline.

On topic… don’t use a bunch of 4s… Proteus 3, Chao, Danzaburo (I was bored), Gaderius, Gormek, Kelile, Colen… probably others I’m forgetting.

The 5 I use least is Zeline. I was going to replace Atomos with her, but until she gets a lot more emblems that won’t happen.

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I would love an Atomos!!

I made that mistake too. She is awesome on defense but not an attack hero at all and there are few opportunities to use her on the same team.

I have a spare. :frowning:

I’m not in love with him. Even at +15 he usually only does about 200-250 damage. But he’s still better than Tell on offense.

Once I do finally ascend Heimdall I expect Tell will be perma-benched.

I can imagine, raiding; it’s not unusual to take to turns at him to get the win. Attack#1, epic fail. Attack#2, win mostly

I only have 12 maxed 5s so pretty much all of them still see some use. The one who doesnt get as much as she used to though is Justice. Probably because I dont have spare emblems for her (used them on Richard first and now using them on Falcon) Dont regret levelling her though, she got me through both sets of Atlantis and helped me get through Legendary events and Advanced seasonal when the rest of my roster couldn’t. Now though I mainly use her for trials ( and not even always for that)

For 4s it is Kashrek (not aged well, hasn’t come off the bench in months. If had the costume it might be different eg buff booster), Boril (my first maxed 4 and original tank. At one point was plus 20. Now stripped off and very rarely used at all) & Gafar ( once a focal point of my field aid war teams, now kinda meh)

Cool topic!

Not to over think this, but I think I need to break this into two additional categories: those I don’t use anymore that once had a purpose and those I just never used. 3 year F2P

Don’t/rarely use anymore:

Danzaburo (my yellow roster just expanded too much. He only comes out when I intentionally pick him)

Ameonna (she used to have emblems to +18 and was a tile damage power house. My purples then expanded but due to emblem reshuffling she is back without emblems on my yellow titan team)

Hu Tao (I got Justice. Same thing just more durable.)

Wu Kong (got Ranvir)

Grimm (got Athena, I am actually sad about this still)

Little John w/ CB (Used to be on titan teams and quest teams. Been surpassed on titans and due to other heroes my quest team make ups have changed dramatically)

Cyprian (he was my first 4* and saw use but just outgrew him. I have a soft spot for him though)

Never used:
Colen (by the time I got him I already had a maxed Azlar)

Kashhrek (one of the last vanilla 4’s I got and my roster was just past his useful life)

Li Xiu w/ CB (got her a little late to be on my D team. On offense her damage is too low and her mana cut is too small. I find this to be the case in and out of costume)

Chao* w/ CB (he just never got in the swing of things. The asterisk is because he has seen use now in costume only, but that is a new development)

Boril w/ CB (got late, had Cyprian. I do tinker with his costume occasionally, but that mostly just cause I can)

Skittle w/ costume (got late. Nothing personal, never needed her. She has merit admittedly. Used to farm with her)

Kadilen (my only 5. Had a small niche use with elite enemy stages, but that changes to something more effective. Different story if I get her costume, but base model just doesn’t get out)

Special mention:
Kelile (may fall into used to use due to recent acquisitions. Her at +18 with 800 has been a mainstay for me though)

Fura (recently stripped from +20 and use is niche at best. Too situational and does pretty easily).



I’ll double down on a few of your own dishonorable mentions.

Ameonna almost never makes the cut for anything anymore.

Hu Tao never even got to play.

Colen mostly just joins second string red war teams.

Kashhrek was once a decent tank. Nowadays he is a mediocre bench warmer.

Li Xiu was okay for defense once upon a time too, but not strong enough for defense in upper echelons, nor is her mana cut good enough to be effective offensively.

Skittles I also got late, so like Hu Tao, never made the team.

Will also add one more of my own:
Agwe. Retired his number from the game, he is now the team’s water boy.

As for ones I will disagree with you on:

Wu Kong. I have Miki, so why would I ever need a Wu Kong? Because rare blue titans.

Little John. He’s not the hero I wanted, but sometimes he’s my last best hope for greens (will call him in over Kashhrek any day)

Cyprian and Boril. Never underestimate the power of riposte. Opponent AI: kill thyself!

Kadilen. Okay, maybe she’s not best in class, but she’s solid.

Kelile. Red sniper, helpful in finishing off that one last cockroach hiding in the corner that just refuses to die.

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Ranvir is the same color as The Wu. Any titan I would drop Ranvir for for damage reflect Wu does nothing to help.

I love Little John. Mostly with costume bonus as opposed to in costume. He was a staple of my event teams for a long team. Great hero, just my tactics are changing. I have gotten more heroes since and have been playing to their abilities. It is a frustration of only having 5 hero slots.

I don’t. I used Cyprian a ton and I really believe Cyprian is a better riposte hero than Boril. Boril came late, but I do have his costume. I have tinkered with the costume some. Full coverage is a good thing even at a reduced rate on AoE’s. Again, my tactics are changing. Not so much because my old ones were wrong, or my new ones are better, just different to get different heroes mixed in.

There is nothing wrong with her, she is just like my 6th or 7th most useful green. I have been very blessed in that color, so even mono she isn’t a natural choice for me. I don’t regret the tonics or anything.

I do love Kelile and have been an ardent supporter. I think getting Zimkitha the other day may be her undoing for as much use as she has seen. She would basically be tied for my 5th best red with Azlar. Which one seems more useful. Probably Kelile in raids and Azlar in PvE or something. I have said elsewhere I am weird about snipers and rarely take more than one. Lately my teams haven’t had any. :man_shrugging:


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Naturally. I was just stating that Wu is still occasionally useful to me, even having Miki in my ranks. Wu and Ranvir though, that’s a bit of a redundancy.

My tactics are ever changing as well. One of those recently changed tactics was realizing that LJ is infinitely more useful on a green team than Kashhrek ever will be.

Cyprian is absolutely a better riposter, because he has higher health and lower shields, thus he will reflect back more damage. Full team riposte for costumed versions is extra icing on the cake.

In that case, I am jealous of your green roster. Her and Lianna are my only maxed legendary greens.

Once again, your roster is probably exceeding mine.

I will always appreciate snipers for my attack teams, as they play well into my current preferred attack strategy of attempting to surgically remove certain opposing heroes one at a time, as opposed to my previous strategy of just throwing a bunch of tiles at everything and hoping they all die.

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I use emblemed 4’s before her. My legendary greens are Elkanen, Lianna, and Kadilen. I have Horghall, but he is not maxed.

Doubt it. Vanilla 4’s and my only 5* is Azlar. I did get Zimkitha, but that was days ago so she is not leveled.


Wow, out of your list I have only made your mistake on two of them. 2 Li Xiu’s, Boril actually got a solid 5 months use.

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nearly not used 4* : danzaburo

nearly not used 5* : horghall (but will change with v.37 i think )

I actually use this at times in desperation! (your previous strategy). Sometimes I can see things are going south fast and just try for an uncontrolled cascade. Oddly, sometimes it works really well. :laughing:

Try 4* buff booster together with Brynhild and other reds (Boldtusk…)

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  • Triton
  • Agwe
  • Gobbler
  • Cyprian (even maxed his costume lol)
  • Cpt of diamonds
  • Lady Woolerton
  • Shale (Edit)


  • Guardian Owl…only for Rush

To be fair I don’t consider any a mistake. I have surplus mats (yes, even tonics from Kadilen) and want to max a copy of all heroes I get. Disappointing I can’t use them more, sure. A mistake? No.

I get I can use them for easy farming or something, but I meant use in a more competitive manner in S3 (yea S3, not S4. Still not done), wars, raids, titans, etc. I don’t do dupes, but if I did there are a lot of heroes on this list not called out as a useless I wouldn’t do a copy of too.



I have most of the 4* heroes in the game fully leveled, only missing some of the new S4 heroes, from challenge Event: Gretel, Ingolf (villain), jabber from sand and the blue Ninja.
All S1, S2, S3 and the rest of the event heroes are max.

This heroes aren’t probably bad, and most of them them were useful for me two or three years ago, but with more competition in my 4* rooster there are some heroes who haven’t seen action in months.

Hu Tao, never really liked him, doesn’t even see action in rush, will maybe change with his costume
Sabina, I have 2 rigards with costume and emblems, and there are better dispellers. She is just to fragile for a healer
Kelile, never liked her
Gormek, wilbur makes better def down and his damage is to weak compared to grimm or tiburtus.
Kashrek, once he was my tank, now haven’t played with him since ever. If I want a green heal 3 I take brynhild, faster, protection from all not only fire, and mana boost. The only reason I haven’t feed him away is the hope for his costume.

There are more I don’t use every week, for example most slow S1, but at least for rush tournaments most of them see some action.

Sumitomo, probably the worst 4* hero in my rooster. After maxing him I tried him in different places, wasn’t able to find any use, benched since then (all the other heroes in this list, see at least some action, maybe only once every few months, but Sumitomo hasn’t been used once since I tested him)

Agwe, probably not bad, but also not good at anything.

Gadeirus, at some point in the past he even had emblems, used him for the Titan and in most tournaments. Now benched, sometimes used in rush tournaments, but most of the time not.

Honorable mention: gobbler. When I got him he was useless for me, no 4* minion heroes, extremely little 5* minion heroes. Never used him. Now he became extremely useful, every second def is some minion spamming machine and minion wars. He is one of the few heroes who became more useful over time.

Mireweave, small damage, very fast is meaningless in 4* tournaments, no idea what to do with her.
Shadereave, to slow, to squishy, to small of an impact. Sometimes used in rush, but most of the time I will take sumle and colen if I need something red for rush.

Shale, useless healer, rigard c makes everything better/faster. Only advantage is, he is a red cleaner, but nobody needs a cleaner who charges with 15 tiles.

Sangrior, blue kashrek :roll_eyes:

Gaffar, was useful with healing wars, now seldom used, his stats are too weak.

Valeria, just don’t like her, same problem like Mireweave, very fast doesn’t do anything for 4* tournaments.

There aren’t many 5* heroes I don’t use, I have a little bit over 30 maxed, most of them are S1 and Hotm. 2 from S2 and 3 from S3. And maybe 6 event heroes.
The slow S1 are probably the ones I don’t use regularly, but most of the time they see at least some action during rush war, so around twice a month.

The only hero I never use is jade, was happy when I got her, one of my few event 5*, leveled her, tested her, hated her, benched her. Since then I used her once in a no heal/red tournament, but with little success. Still hate her.

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