Who are your leveled 4 and 5 star heroes never or very seldom used

Well, the list would be very long for me, I’ll try to remember them all:

  • Guin - I’ve been using Kun tank for a while and Guin isn’t particularly effective on offense, so I barely use her,
  • Lancelot - too fragile and I have too many better reds to choose from,
  • Ameonna - haven’t find her useful yet and not that I didn’t try, even gave her emblems and used her against titans, but since I got Cat, I don’t use her anymore,
  • Captain of Diamonds - I may have tried him once, but he has been sitting on bench since then,
  • Gobbler - too fragile, too niche, I had been using him for farming, but not since I maxed Jack O’Hare,
  • Danzaburo - powerful effects, but freeze is just too annoying for my tastes, not useful for me,
  • Kashhrek - my two Buddies or Gades are just a lot better,
  • Chao - I maxed him only because I didn’t have him,
  • Kelile - same goes for her.

And there are heroes I’m using only in events or in tournaments, like Hu Tao, Li Xiu, Colen, Little John, Skittleskull, Gornek, Scarlett, Wu and I probably forgot couple others.

M. Lepus doesn’t summon any minions

He’s a druid, I guess I should’ve clarified that :stuck_out_tongue: Still not a good use of gobbler lol.

Oh ok. I suppose nobody takes Gobbler just in case some druid summons a minion. Mine sits at 3.60 and most probably will stay as is forever.


@DaveCozy @grzechol

So gobbler and captain are both pretty meh! But only Ones can eat minions, will probably die or get there mana up before say Delilah hits her special! So what’s the point of them?
Is there say a chemistry with lagoon family with gobbler and pirates with captain which makes them,Work better against say heros with minions.

Ameonna - haven’t find her useful yet and not that I didn’t try, even gave her emblems and used her against titans, but since I got Cat, I don’t use her anymore,

Very low on dark just maxed my crypian she my only 4* dark got 4 3* maxed! Is she worth taking to 3/60 I only really pull at Atlantis. I war so just be a body on there! I get her ghost is handy but also need the tiles to get the damage in ghost mode, she that bad?

This is probably one of the most useful threads I’ve read :grin:


I’m too new to really say, but I read ALOT and I have a LOT of heroes and based on my roster I feel like I may never get to fully level:

Kellie/Colen/Gormek - As for Kellie I like Scarlett better as one of thee few fast mana who’s not does splash damage, plus that less attack for 6 turns is amazing, and I have Marjana. I also have other Snipers like Caedmon/Sonya. as for Gormek I already have Grim maxed and Tiburtus leveled so I see no use for him right now, Colen is just too slow mana. I also have Elena and Azlar who would fit better than Colen. And I’m trying to get to leveling Ares, and lastly I also have Mitsuko and BT so there’s that. Sumitomo also has me feeling like he will never go past 3/60.

Kashhrek/Skittleskull/LittleJohn - I have all the other healers with better buffs so Kash gets no play, and the others are just too slow for me

Boril/Agwe/Thorne/Richard/Rumplestilskin - Richard is just a 5 star Grim to me, since I’ve already maxed him I rather go ahead and finish off Isarnia, Rumplestilskin is annoying his special never does what you need it to at that moment always going healing when I need attack or something else. Thorne is boring to me, I use Cyprian and he’s already maxed I don’t need two riposte unless I’m stacking against red (I may consider at a later time, and Agwe eh lol…I have Triton and Misandra. Who I feel would be better than those I listed.

Chao and Hu Tao May never see the light of day - I have Joon/Jackal/Drake Fong/Vivica/Ranvir/Wu Kong and a maxed Li Xiu, I think that says it all.

Dark…so Obakan/Domitia/Ameonna…
Ameonna gives people a chance to ghost tile while she’s activate them kill her when she comes back, ha! Obakan I’m just not feeling his simplicity as a 5 star I have too many GREAT heroes especially in the dark category for that, and Domitia because I have Seshat and Sartana who think I are better for my okay style, and I have Kageburado. I may level Bosswolf because he is a huge tank so I can see him being good in a purple mono, but that’s a huge maybe because unless I’m using purple mono I have other tanks with better specials, and BW’s mana is terrible. To top this all off I have PROTEUS he gets all the glory!

C. Of Diamonds is fast and better built than Gobbler, his skill hits harder the more minions he takes out too. I don’t have him but I’d still argue he is the better hero over Gobbler. It helps too that there are red minion users he’d be useful against (Red Hood, Santa, Queen) in a blue stack.

Delilah also heals. Is it worth to hold your special to take out the minions? You can stop the minions altogether if you focus on taking her out instead. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s the dilemma I was faced with when I attacked teams with her. Why let her heal, why not just focus efforts to take her out? Is it worth letting her whole team survive longer just so I get healing on my side after munching on the minions?

Again, you have to be in trouble for Gobblers special to be useful. For you to plan that you have to charge and hold the special, then let them activate their skill on purpose. Best case scenario you charge it the turn when they fire their skill, but that isn’t really easy to set up. And with Gobblers bad defense, he may just die while charged.

The only other time where it’s useful is when druids spawn a minion. Since that is a talent that can be kinda nice to have, but you have to be charged at the right time, and you can’t plan that.

EDIT: I have used him in 3-2 green-red teams with Wilbur before, just to boost both colored tiles. The family bonus is nice for that at least :smiley:


Oh yeah Gobbler, he’s like a keepsake just to have and NEVER take off your shelf, unless this game becomes minion heavy lol

This is my point more heros have minions and probably more will too! The only two who can eat them are basically not very good! So what’s there purpose as this is one skill they have, nobody else can do it! Surely should be higher up!
Oh a defence team with santa or Delilah oh I’ll bring gobbler or cod cause if she/he fires I can clean up the minions! That’s is not on anyone’s mind to bring to attack them! when it should be!

Yep, she’s that bad in my experience. Anyway, her defense would be so miniscule at 3/60 that the probability of her to even power up exponentially approaches to zero. And as you pointed out, you need constant stream of purple tiles to make her useful after she enters ghost mode and that’s not likely to happen.

Lianna (lol)

Only wars in my mono green and trials with rangers beacuse she is better than Tibs at 4^36

Also FWIW, I find my purple stacks work much better with the buffs than without. Losing out on Ranvir/Wu Kong’s bonus kinda hurts sometimes, and I’m not sure on the math, but I’m not sure her own inherent buff outweighs a Boldtusk/Bear Banner/WuKong or Ranvir combo.

First I wrote a list longer my arm of heroes I don’t normally use outside wars, but noticed soon that it was pointless. Easier to tell what I usually use…

My nr1 off team is: Misandra, Proteus, Sabina, Onatel and Hansel.

My 8/7 team is Thoth, Onatel, Agwe, Kadilen and Anzogh. I would like to change Onatel and Thoth to some holy and dark heroes that hit all. Maybe one day I’ll finally decide to max Li Xiu…

I rarely do 3+2 or 4+1, but when I do, I’ll nearly always use Boldtusk, Wilbur and Anzogh. When falcon is usable I’m going to try some mono red adding him and Scarlett.

And my Def is Misandra, Boldtusk, Onatel, Tiburtus and Wilbur.

All the others see daylight only when war, titan, events or raisins needs them.

Margaret is only hero I refuse to use anywhere.


The fives I never use are Leonidas and Kadilen. Leo was one of my first 5s and I was so happy to have him because his 40% mana cut was so annoying to come up against whereas Kad got usurped by Bertila who although slow is pretty devastating.

F2P for 2 years.

Only for Ninja Tower do I use
Danzaburo, Sumitomo, Quintus, Hu Tao, Thorne, Triton, Horghall, Brynhild, Kashrek, and Wilbur.

I haven’t gotten around to leveling (and don’t pjan to) Obakan, Leonidas, Reuban Broil, Cyprian.

I’ve been running one or two TC20s for nearly 18 months now and saved my gems for Atlantis or Costume pulls. It’s not hard to pick up a lot of worthless heroes.

I ate a fully leveled Danzaburo because I don’t use him. I don’t have many 5* but I just can’t seem to find use for Horgall.

Costumed Gormek also destroys minions.

All of these unused heroes are perfectly fine as free curse candidates in the first 20 stages or so of ninja tower, I’ve put a lot of unused / seldom used heroes in action with the tower.

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