Who are your leveled 4 and 5 star heroes never or very seldom used

F2P here, and I was thinking the same thing. Maybe a F2P who has been playing a long time could find themselves in this situation, but many of the heroes on these lists are ones I still use regularly or wish I could draw! I’m a little over 10 months in, and I still have to fall back on a few three-stars to fill out my war teams and on certain class trials (although I am finally finishing them all now). Meanwhile, folks on this thread are talking about maxed five-stars that can’t break into their 30 hero war rotation? Egads!


I remember being in the same position early in my E&P career. “WHAT. You’re FEEDING a Kiril and Boldtusk because you have 10? SCREW YOU MAN.”

Different perspectives. As a kid, I wanted so much to be a grownup. But as a grownup, I just want to be a kid again. Grass is always greener. :man_shrugging:

I’d take consolation in the fact that you probably have more money in your pocket than I do. I need to stop spending money on this game… :joy::sweat_smile:


Haha. This is so much funnier because I complained forever about not having exactly those two. They are now my current leveling projects in their respective colors. Almost done with Kiril, and he’s everything I knew he would be!

I still can’t bring myself to feed away four-stars yet. I did feed four duplicate Li Xius to max the first one, since I thought I’d have a better chance of maxing her special quicker. (Worked once; so much for that.) Just locked my fifth Kelile (1 maxed, 1 at 3^60, 3 at 1^1) even though I know I should feed the 1^1s to Boldtusk. I just know that feeding them away is going to doom me to an eternity of Nashgars from my TC20s, and I’ll be pining for another Kelile instead. Irrational, but true.

Maybe not. Other stuff eats it instead of this game, but I probably don’t have any more than you do! :laughing:


It’s so true lol.

By the point you get your 3rd one of a 4* you really start to wonder if they’re worth keeping lol. I fed away my 3rd, 4th and 5th Chao to Joon, since I think two of him is enough for keeping dark titan skills at bay (and since I got Gretel… I’ve contemplated getting rid of his twin).

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I probably should’ve been more clear, but I think you probably have more satisfaction/utility out of the comparative amount of money I spent in this game that could’ve been used on something more meaningful, useful, or physical. Idk. Nobody makes perfect choices with their money all the time.



He has his place in epic challenge event, i will never let him go :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kelile – I just… don’t use her at all. When my burn options are gravemaker or natalya…Just don’t think of her. I didn’t even realize she was stuck at 3/60 until a couple months ago. I gave her hidden blades out of pity.

Chao – My first yellow 4*…just got his orbs a few months ago. still at 4/1. I didn’t give him orbs before because… I didn’t have enough. (back in 11/2017)

Little John – My first overall & first green 4* – collects dust now that I have Buddy.

I’m sure you know I was having a bit of fun with you, as the remainder of your response shows an excellent sense of humor. You are probably right about my satisfaction, though. As F2P, I figured I’d never get a HotM (have two, Onatel and Ranvir) or really any non-classic 5-star (also have Poseidon). Kinda sucks that they are all yellow, and therefore, I’ll never be able to max them all, but it’s hard to complain about getting these highly desirable heroes without spending a dime. Also, I have wanted Azlar since the first time I saw him - because of his awesome card art, obvious connection to The Chronicles of Narnia’s Azlan, and the way he single-handedly kicked my butt so hard the first time I was stupid enough to attack him with my fledgling bunch of heroes - and I drew him from my TC20 last month. So yeah, being F2P has been a pretty good experience for me. Never dreamed I could still feel like a peer to C2P and more this far into the game.



I agree.

I started leveling my Gormek again.

As far as I can tell, Wilbur is awesome if you have a team of good 5* heroes to act as HP sinks or Falcon + Boldtusk ( two 4* heroes that used to be equal to 5* heroes before multiple nerds ).

Caedmon and Sonya

I use multiple Melendor with Melendor 's incredible heal and non suicidal special skill against reflect damage and counterattack. Or I overwrite the enemy buff with a debuff.

Caedmon and Sonya just do not get used.

Helps that I have Hansel, and buffed Valeria, for snipers but Melendor, Grimm and Kiril really steal all the glory.

Used for class quests until I got lucky with 5* Druids and Paladins.


Since I got Hansel, Peters not used.


I just get more use out of Vivica, Wu Kong and Jackal.

Joon is not great for class quests.

Currently using a mono purple defense team ( see below).


Now that Melendor is 4*+18, Kashhrek not used.

Second Proteus

Too many good purple 4* / 5* in my roster.

Now I just take my first Proteus ( stuck at 4*+15 due to RNG ) and two slots of mana potions.

Maybe if we fight an alliance with all yellow centers.

Red 4* Trainer hero

Stopped using Season 1, Province 8 to test defense stat.

Now using Tyrum 3*+1, Sabina 4*+18, Fletcher 1* 1.2, Rigard 4*+18, Layla 2*+1 .


Ya the phrasing threw me, sorry. I thought you were saying you sometimes used Caed to dispell Aegir’s and Sonya’s riposte. So I thought you meant Boril’s instead of Sonya’s.

Kashhrek. He was once at +6 emblem. Used him as a tank solely for war depth. He never went to raid party. Now the emblem went to Anzogh.

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4s that have not been used as food yet>>Jackal, Sabina, Merlin, Rigard, Jabbar, Wu, Gretal, Grimm, Kiril, Sonya, Peters, Buddy, Proteus, Caedmon, Gormek, Squire. They may see a color stack or war thats it.
s Victor, Ares, Sartana, Marjana, Onatel, Joon, Quintus, Obakan, Leonidas, Viv, Frida, Richard#2,Rumple, Eve, Kadilen, ZElk, Margy, Atomos, Eve x5, Azlar, Anzogh, Azlar, Elena
All of these set the bench and a few are used ONLY as color stacks and wars

Is gobbler the only one who can eat minions though? As more minions are being added to heros or others can summon them if emblem is added.
Just odd he’s the only one… If so will they add more who can? Surely he should be a must against heros who can summon minions… shame he’s what he is!

The Captain of Diamonds from the Wonderland event can destroy them too.

Gobblers biggest issue is his low defense. It’s the same as Friar Tucks, and makes his massive HP kinda worthless. Makes it hard to have him survive and charge against the dangerous minion users like Delilah or Saint Nick. You usually need to be in trouble for his skill to be useful.

His special skill also doesn’t deal much damage. His attack stat is decent but there are better green heroes for that.

Oh and it doesn’t really help that there are not many blue minion users. M. Lepus is the only one, and he’s not a must Gobbler counter.


I have kept, and maxed or intend to max 3 each of BT, Kiril and Rigard… though the rest can get stuffed. Ain’t got room :slight_smile:

This made me laugh out loud. I’m in the same boat. I was so excited to pull her, having read about what an amazing specialist she is, and I can see that, but rarely am able to make it work on my own team. Need more practice, I guess (or a board w/ so many purple tiles hat that even an idiot can manage it)

Edited to add: Kash is the one I don’t use - never did. He came too late and by the time I got him leveled I didn’t need him anymore. I immediately regretted giving him shields


I do not use the said heroes in war. But i have to say Quintus, Thoth and Margaret are only leveled to 70. The others are full.

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It can be really tough to get the most out of Ameonna. Mine’s at 3^60 so I could try her out before giving her trap tools. I find her useful on war mop up teams because, if she ghosts, you literally cannot lose for four turns. I also still use her for yellow Titans; sometimes, you can’t find the tiles to make her skill really shine, but if you can land a purple diamond with her charged… whoa, Nelly. For me, it’s still worth the chance to do some awesome damage. Domitia is eating all my purple ascension mats for now, but I do plan on maxing Ameonna and maybe even giving her emblems. After I finish Sabina, who else is gonna contend for them? Skittleskill? Gill-Ra?

Do it. I love my Gormek (+16 after today’s trials). He soaks up a ton of damage with emblems, making it pretty reliable that he will fire and give you that sweet, sweet defense down for 6 turns.

After finally pulling Boldtusk and Kiril, Chao moves to the top of my most wanted classic four-star list, just for the ranger class alone. Still rocking the ranger class trials with Berden. Yuk. Glad to hear he may have some use beyond that.

You really think so? Kelile was my first four-star, and I still use her a lot out of necessity, but even maxed, I’ve found her to be nothing special. More than adequate, certainly, but nothing special.


Here is my argument in favor of Kelile:

I may have forgotten a 3/70 Red Hood in that class photo, but that’s my argument. I JUST got a Scarlett like a few weeks ago.

Honestly I’m a tad surprised how few actual hitters red has. You’d think the “Fire” element type would have a plague of them, but most of red’s power players in 4* and 5* are support. Or slow all hits that usually die before firing, so we’re not counting those.

Kasshrek. Got him too late when I have grown almost out of platinum league (where I found him a challenging enemy and an excellent tank).

Nowadays also Wu…Ranvir has put him to the bench…

Skittle and Little John didn’t even make it to the final ascension…

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