Who are YOUR Best 5 Heroes in each element?

Time for some unashamed braggery, who are your top 5 heroes in your roster for each element whether levelled or not?..
Player Lvl optional

2 start things off here are mine at Player Lvl 73


Your red sucks compared to other colors


Thanks lol I know I have loads of other dupes for other colours but red C of E is gonna b tough.

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I actually have/had all of your reds except R&N (despite doing 70 pulls this month already, this not being my month) and most are lvl1 or fed to SE

Also if u have costume put costume and if you have new unlevelled go ahead and throw them in there just curious to see what people like and r working on. Probs not 4s unless u hv too

Dont loose hope im sure she’ll pitch up b4 the end, at 3.40 been testing her and she is soo much fun!

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NATURE- Athos, Kai, Haimdall, Kadilen C, Vallamoinen, The Hatter, Guan Yu, Ratt

BLUE- M&M, Lord Loki, Iris, Theobald, Snow White, Frida

DARK- Diaochan, Allfike, Ludwig, Bera, Lu Bu, Agrafena

HOLY- Penolite, Zuge Liang, Sif, Uraeus, Poseidon C, Matilda, Kara

FIRE, Nadezda, JF, Lady Loki, Isrod, Tetishari, Emilio


These are my best 5*heroes by color


My purple and greens are underwhelming,
Lvl.87 player 35 months f2p :

Happy gaming


I NEED YOUR REDS! :rofl::rofl::rofl: & Jequn pls ;?)

Love this topic

Mostly outdated heroes but useful.
Can’t help my second Penolite still make it top5 for my yellow team


WoW! Some Great Heroes in there, Agree on Peniolite, would do a second if i had one also. :+1:

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You too have many great heroes :drooling_face:.
I think you just need to invest in super red element summon when SG release the summon portal.
Anyway no harm done red ain’t strong, no green tank in most alliance wars.

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I have more but couldn’t fit all of them in 5-team

Also, forgot I have lvl1 Lu Bu instead of Viscaro

Lv 99 here. Maybe these are not the best objectively, but they are ones I like the most.



Just free player level 80


Lvl 93

Yellow and blue are the only colors I could field more than 5 absolute best heroes, but those are the ones I use most in most different situations.

Dark I wasn’t sure if I should use Sabine c or rigard c instead of Viscaro, the 3 of them have around the same value in my team’s.

Red, was for a long time my problem color, now I’m happy with what I have, but Zhou definitely deserves a place here before many of the 5* I own.

Well, green I hate most of my 5*, but the 4* are awesome…


Purple: Nyx - Ludwig - Narcisa - Xnolphod - Panther
Just pulled Amethyst, so this may change.

Holy: c2-Vivica / Faline / Matilda / Devana / Onatel
Occasionally sub in Kara, leveling Zhang Fei

Green: Arco / cFrancine / El Naddaha / Frigg (not quite leveled) / Kingston or Evelyn

Blue: Krampus / Pengi / Glenda / Milena / Frosth
Bobo doesn’t usually make the raid team, but is arguably “better”

Red: Khufu / Khagan+CB / Lewena / Boldtusk+CB / (generally Jean-François, but not terribly happy with this team)
EDIT: Did one last pull on NT with gems. Got Garnet. So red just got a lot better.